An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, October 22, 2007

In Celebration of Life

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday . . . literally. He was born in the early morning after only an hour and a half of labor (they barely made it to the hospital, which sent my doctor brother into a panic).

Yesterday was also my middle son's birthday, and when my brother called to share the news, he asked for my son Jonathan and told him to announce Ethan's arrival to the family since they now share a birthday. Of course Jonathan's announcement, given in a matter-of-fact-nothing-out-of-the-ordinary kind of way, sent everyone scurrying, scrambling, and racing to grab the phone from him. I mean, really, what was my brother thinking, entrusting such important news to an eleven year old?

After a whirlwind of phone calls, after the laughter and the celebration, after everything quieted down and I had a moment to take it all in, the beauty of this event hit me . . .

A new baby. Here. On earth.
What could be more joyous?


Leah said...

Oh, how exciting! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have had so many responses from bloggers I've never 'met.' I think God used my frustration to minister to everyone else having such a hard time. Know we know we are not alone.
By the way, my eldest son (8) is named Ethan! He was premature nearly 9 years ago. But today he is taller than his peers! You'd never know he was a premmee.
Anyway, we have a new baby on the way too. She's coming at the end of January. That means some time between now and then, I've either got to teach my husband to post on my blog, or buy a laptop to post at the hospital! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Bia said...

leah, another coincidence: my sister-in-law, the one who just had Ethan, is named leah!

:o) mg said...

That is such wonderful news. My heart always melts when a) I find out that someone is expecting and b) I hear that someone has had a baby.
Babies are "the bomb" aren't they? Or is that term outdated now? Maybe it's "babies rock"!
Either way, I am so thrilled for them.
Happy belated to Jonathan! And when you come for cappuccinos after your in-laws visit is over, you'll have to fill me in on "the party".... #1 told me that you were there, right?

PAOLA said...

ciao Maria, anche tutti noi siamo cos� contenti per la nascita di questo bambino soprattutto perch� abbiamo ancora negli occhi e nel cuore le immagini di un bambino bellissimo, cicciotto e con gli occhi azzurri che a Vicenza si � chiuso nella stanza delle sue sorelle e si � messo in bocca cioccolata e una "povera" tartaruga spaventata!! Come passa il tempo!! smack!

Bia said...

I remember that turtle incident very well since I was the one who retrieved it!!! Che Schiffo!!!!!!