An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A confession, or two

Three years ago we converted our two-car garage into a rec/entertaining room. We do most of our entertaining in that room, and so every year at this time I start thinking how nice it would be to have a small, simple Christmas tree next to our 10-ft. farm table. I harbor visions of a Christmas dinner in which the only lights are those coming from candles of the table setting and the white lights of a Christmas tree. The problem? Here's confession number one, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit this: we already have three Christmas trees.

Yup. Three. I never, ever planned on three trees; it just happened. We have a huge tree for our family room, a small tree ($11 at a Target post season sale) in the boys' room which they decorate with football cards, and another tree that I use for my old glass ornaments. So, with three trees I absolutely refused to absolutely even think about buying another tree.

Then, this past weekend my husband and I went to chat with a neighbor who was having a moving sale. And I saw it: an Alpine Christmas tree (a tall, slim tree, sometimes called a pencil tree) that was $15, pre-lit! What's a girl to do when the tree of her dreams lands in her lap? So here's confession number two: I bought it. And the miracle of the whole thing is that my husband voiced no complaints whatsoever about yet another tree; I mean, he didn't even roll his eyes! I love that man!

So, one tree up, three to go . . .


Karen said...

Is that your dining room? I'm loving it! And there's no need to be ashamed of all those trees. My motto is, one can't have too many! You go, girl!

suburbancorrespondent said...

This situation could get out of hand. And I love the dining room too. Can I come live at your house?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

suburbancorrespondent said...

You need an e-mail contact on your profile page. You can set up a separate account with google mail, if you want to keep it separate from your real e-mail.

Anyway, because I can't e-mail you back, I'll tell you here that I think you are spelling Bunco right and I am spelling it wrong.

Bia said...

Thanks for the e-mail tip; I now have one listed on my profile.

onthegomom said...

Hey if 4 trees makes you happy, then I say go for it!! :)

:o) mg said...

I'd have one in every room if I could. In fact, as tacky as it may be, I saw a pink tree in Wal Mart the other day that I can't stop thinking about. I have no idea where I'd put it (perhaps my dark brown and cream bathroom!!) but I would love to put old glass ornaments on it. Course, I would not think of parting with my wire tree form where the antique glass balls hang year round in the guest bedroom. Pre-lit pencil tree... oh yeah, you did the right thing.