An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Seven quirky traits . . . but who's counting?

Lisa tagged me for a Seven Random Things Meme, and before we head out of town for a vacation in Florida, I thought I'd leave you with some of my quirky traits (thank goodness the list is limited to seven items!) so you won't forget me while I am away for the next twelve days.

I play the guitar, and although I can't sing very well, I do it anyway. . . you know, "make a joyful noise"!

My best friend in the whole world is my sister.

It takes me two days to get up the nerve to clean my boys' bathroom.

When I am upset or worried, I clean (except the boys' bathroom . . . that just makes me more upset).

My favorite color is brown.

When I studied in Spain for a summer we visited a matador training facility. I was the only girl who got to enter the arena (with a very cute matador in training) and hold one end of the cape while a raging bull . . . okay, I'm kidding . . . while a cute baby calf ran through it.

My hair tends to frizz very easily; if there is a drop of water ANYWHERE in a ten mile radius (and that includes water fountains) my hair frizzes. Living in the south doesn't help matters.

My very favorite fruit to eat is a grapefruit; I instantly feel healthier when I eat one.

I am TERRIBLE at math! (Is this #7 or #8?)

If you haven't already done this meme, or if you've discovered more quirky things about yourself that you'd like to share, consider yourself tagged!

Then, Holly gave me this award which I would like to pass on to All of you who visit since I learn so very much from you. God bless!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Enjoy your trip!

Lisa said...

Love it, Bia! I have that frizzy hair problem, too, though we don't have the humidity here. So neat that you play the guitar! I live vicariously through my sons who do. Congrats on the award! You are most definitely one of the wonderful women of the web!

Kathryn said...

Really? Brown?? I remember around the age of 7 trying to make it my favorite color because I felt sorry for it. Silly, huh! Oh well, I'm glad to know someone likes it and it has grown on me over the years!