An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Straight out of the Movies

You know that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark in which snakes are oozing out of holes in the wall?

Well, yesterday my husband saw a snake in the garage. A long snake. A fast snake. A smart snake that disappeared into a small hole in the garage wall to escape my husband's bullwhip . . . er, I mean, shovel.

Now I am afraid that this same snake (or a member of his family) will crawl up into the minivan's engine, and that tomorrow when I'm running carpool it will slither out of the air conditioning vent onto my lap.

Is such a thing possible? (Please, please tell me no.)


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Oooh, you have a good imagination. Sounds possible to me, but I don't know anything about cars.

:o) mg said...

What scares me more is the fact that you didn't describe him as a "sad, little, starved and emaciated-looking snake"!!!
Wonder what has been keeping him fat and happy for however long he has been along for the "ride". Whatever it is (or whatever they ARE), be thankful for the cold-blooded creature, for he has saved you from setting little traps to catch small, furry, warm-blooded types.

j.a.varela said...

I´m sorry Bia, but I think it´s possible.

¿Have you seen "creating memories" in "entradas destacadas" of "familia en construccion".

Es de justicia.


Bia said...


Now I'm REALLY not getting in that van until the snake is found. My husband can go pick up the boys from school.

Muchas gracias por "Creando Recuerdos"; la traducción es perfecta.

Kathy Gillen said...

No way...I think you've just watched the movie too often. But hey, my kids let the cat in today with a live chipmunk in his mouth. I screamed like a teenaged girl who just won a shopping spree at the mall!

GrandmaK said...

I hope not. Though when we lived in Oklahoma, returned one evening to find one coiled up by the front door so we sat in the van until it decided to move. It was dark and couldn't tell what kind of snake it was. Didn't want to make it angry. Then there's the possum that wandered into the family room here like he owned it. I guess you can find varmints everywhere. This really was very humorous! Thanx! Cathy

Lisa said...

Well, except for Murphy's Law, I'd think the chances were not great... But, um, I still think I'd look around very carefully before I drove anywhere! Snakes! Ack! I've had way too many close encounters with them! (Check out my sidebar for that link and you'll see what I mean!)