An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bia, the Ogre

My sister and her family came in town for the 4th, so along with my parents we all went to the lake for a picnic complete with bocce, golden oldies on the radio, Italian music on cd's, and boat rides from Nonno. Since the 4th was on a Friday, and since we are having a Haiku Summer, I passed out 3x5 index cards and had EVERYONE write a haiku.

Oh, everyone groaned.
And complained.
"A Hi-koo?!" some smart-aleck yelled.

But I can be very influential. I know how to be convincing.
Here, this haiku written by my favorite sister says it all:

Bia is the boss.
We do whatever she says,
Or else we don't eat.

You see, I can even be inspirational.


UA said...

Yes, the family members tend to groan when we hear Bia say, "I have a great game to play!" We jump into Bia's inspirational games with a bit of reluctance but, strangely, we always end up having fun with it! (We have to, or else she withholds food.) :-)

- Signed, the Ogre's Sister

E said...

the help desk failed me
i hit my computer hard
that failed to work too

I love this idea. I am reducing everything to haiku. It makes it seem gentler than real life just at the moment.

Elizabeth said...

I love it. Too cute...keep on being the ogre!
Blessings, E

Lisa said...

Love this post, Bia!
Right down to Shrek smiling there.
You are so funny!

Soutenus said...

Ahhhh, the old, "no food 'til you do what I say" trick!! Gotta love it!

I agree with Elizabeth . . . "keep being the ogre" especially when pushing good ideas on family!

Soutenus said...

A quick note from A Catholic Notebook. . . . you can add your favorite books to the Blogger's Choice Catholic Reading List until Wednesday. The deadline was extended due to some special requests! I can't wait to see and share the results at the end of the week. Come on by!

Wendy said...

OK - you inspired me! Head to my blog to see my summer haiku (only one so far).

onthegomom said...

I love your sister's Haiku. It made me giggle :)