An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Saturday, August 2, 2008

In which Sister meets the Godfather of Soul

Today we took Sister Gaudiosa to The Augusta Museum of History. We showed her many interesting things about our local history: a cotton machine; a real steam locomotive; memorabilia from the Masters Golf Tournament; the flight suit of Susan Stills (an astronaut from Augusta). But the museum had added a new exhibit since we were last there, and so we were able to introduce Sister to James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.

Sister has music in her soul, so she was very intrigued by him. She listened to samples of his music, studied his over-the-top clothes, and oh, my did she ever get a kick out of his dancing. One video showing all of James Brown's signature dance moves had her laughing hysterically (I mean, what else can you do when they introduce a move as the "funky chicken"?).

Later that night we introduced her to our family movie night. We dimmed the lights, lit a few candles, popped 5 bags of popcorn, and watched The Lion King. After our discussion the previous evening about lions, we thought she would enjoy it. It was her first full length cartoon feature...ever.

She was amazed at how much Swahili was featured in the movie. Besides character names such as Simba (lion) and Rafiki (friend), she pointed out to us that at one point Rafiki says asante sana, thank you in Swahili. Then came the song Hakuna Matata and she almost jumped off the couch in her excitement; "No Worries!" she exclaimed to us.

With a little James Brown, a little Disney, and a whole lot of enthusiasm from a sister from Tanzania it was the makings of a perfect day. Hakuna Matata, everyone!


Soutenus said...

How I wish I lived closer so that I could have tagged along to the museum!

Keep us updated. What a lovely visit.
Tell Sister that she (and your family) are in our prayers.

E said...

I am callign these the Sister Diaries. I want soem sister haiku..come on. Please... Maybe she could do one too...

:o) mg said...

I am reminded, in looking at the pictures, just how much peace she exudes. I remember that from seeing her at Mass last year.
Also, I don't know why it is, but I think part of it is the blue against her gorgeous, dark chocolate skin.
Praying that the rest of your visit will be as blessed as these first days have been.

Lisa said...

Such wonderful experiences with Sister to live through your eyes, Bia!