An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Engineer playing Pictionary

Last Friday we sat down with the boys for a family game night. We played two games of Pictionary; I was the common denominator for the winning team of both games whereas my husband was the common denominator for . . . the team that did not win.

My husband is a mechanical engineer and is very precise with his drawings. He draws very well, but he is not fast. Once, when we were teammates during a game, I could not figure out what in the world he was drawing. Later, he explained that his drawing was a cross section of a 2 x 4. The word was plank.

You're probably wondering . . . what about drawing a pirate? or a pirate ship? or a board over water with sharks?

Exactly my point.

Here's another example. During an All Play this past Friday my husband and I (this time on opposite teams) had to draw the word glasses.

Here's my drawing:

Here's his:

Guess which one took longer (waaaaay longer) to draw?

Not only is my husband methodical with drawing, but he's the same way with speech. The man doesn't waste words. I, on the other hand, do not shut up, which works very well with this game. I guess and guess, throwing out words completely at random. I figure that more words = more chances of a correct guess. My husband? He'll take maybe two guesses; they're usually correct, but then someone has already shouted the answer.

And I wonder if there is an Italian Pictionary gene? If so, my sister has it, too. When the entire family gathers for a game, we are not allowed to be on the same team; she makes a dot on the paper and I'll say something completely random like Beluga Whale, and I'll be right. It makes our husbands most annoyed.

In all fairness to my husband, he may not be quick on the draw, but he does provide us with some good laughs . . . and that's what game night is all about, anyway.

But secretly, because it doesn't happen very often, I do enjoy the fact that for once, in this case, my competitive boys clamor to be on my team. And that's a really good feeling.


GrandmaK said...

I'm off to INDY but thought I'd tell you how hard I laughed at this...There are two mechanical engineers in this bit OCD? Have a grand week/weekend! Cathy

Laura said...

This made me giggle outloud looks like your husband even did a little "shading" on his picture.
Funny. Really funny.

Lisa said...

This is so funny! We have the same problem with a couple of the people in our Pictionary games. The best artists are not the quickest. And in Catchphrase ~ it's us annoyingly fast talkers, and our kindred spirits who tend to win. It's not always the smart ones. HA! (Love the drawings! Both of them!)

E said...

When we were dating my husband to be and I were playing Scrabble. He threw out some word that he swore meant an Eqyptian attache case as if it were common knowledge and I felt like an idiot.
I didn't find out for years that he'd MADE IT UP. I love it that 21 years later we are still playing games and just playing period. I got one who bluffs and you got one who meanders. Fun though, huh?

:o) mg said...

Oh what a fun post. My sister and I have done the exact same thing with a dot on Pictionary paper.... she actually remembers what word it was, too!

Ua said...

Ha, ha! What about the time we were all playing a game, and we couldn't figure out why all the boys and men were mad at us?! They said we were too bossy or something. What was up with THAT??
(signed, your Sister)