An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My "I"signment

Our favorite Catholic School Teacher gave me an assignment to write about the letter "I" (and here I was worried she would assign me the letter "X"). Well, here goes...

I is for ITALY, a country which is boot-shaped...which makes me think of ITALIAN SHOES...that I like to wear to L'Arena to listen to an ITALIAN OPERA...which makes me think of my ITALIAN NONNA...who cooked ITALIAN FOOD that was molto delizioso.

"I" is for my favorite name: Isabella. Not Isabel. Isabella. And I liked this name waaaay before Isabella Swan even existed. So there.

"I" is for ice...which I do NOT like in my Diet Coke. I like my soda cold...with no ice. I get a lot of weird looks from waiters.

"I" is for ice-cream, which is okay. But it makes me think of gelato, ITALIAN ICE-CREAM which is molto delizioso.

"I" is for Italian word that has crossed over into the English language. It is a much more elegant way of saying "entanglement" or "disagreement". Which sounds better... The two men got into a barroom brawl over a girl? or Their imbroglio involved a woman?

Finally, "I" is for Improvise:

There once was an Idahoan who had an Idiosyncrasy about Ignoring his mother-in-law. That was not a good Idea. It made her Ill-humored and she thought him Impertinent. But he was Ignorant and Immature; he even Imagined that she would one day leave him an Indeterminate amount of money. Indeed, he was an Idiot. The end.


Melissa said...

Ooooh, I love the Italian stuff! I am Italian, I identify with the Italian thing, but I don't know much about it because my grandmother was not Italian and she ran things. My grandfather was never allowed to speak the language in their home (although I did learn a few swear words from under his breath!)

Kim H. said...

Impressive, interesting and inventive!

Way to rock it out, Bia!

E said...

And B I A...with the i in the middle, the Italian bits at the core.

My daughter Hannah's middle name is Isabel. I love Isabella too, but the extra vowel didn't work with the ah sound ending her first name....

Laura said...

Well...who can beat that last passage and its clever use of I words.
Well crafted my Italian friend.

GrandmaK said...

Speechless! Yes, speechless!! WOw! Cathy

Lisa said...

Awesome! I mean INCREDIBLE job! Well Improvised! &:o)

Cheryl Lage said... of the most underused words EVER. :)

That last paragraph is a tour de force! Love it, Bia!

Lisa said...

(Hey, Bia... Got something for you over at my place...)

j.a.varela said...

Todos tus posts tan estupendos! Felicitaciones. En cuanto al de "cuando la naturaleza llama de noche",creo haber escuchado algo al respecto en mi casa. Claro que nunca me habían identificado con-el-que-no-debe-ser-nombrado!

Great blog Bia!

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

I'm sensing that you might be of Italian heritage. (wink)
I love Italian-ness. Especially the food and the people! My son-in-law's name is Giovanni, so that's a good thing!Which means my new grandbaby will be a little Italian bambino - which practically makes me Italian! Now I think we might be related, Bia!

Bia said...

Sr. Varela (el-que-no-debe-ser-nombrado),