An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Holding out for some Pi

Yesterday afternoon I received an email from a friend saying how much her daughter and her daughter's friend enjoyed my son's Pi songs in Math class.

My son? Sang Pi songs? I knew nothing, and you Moms out there know how you hate to find out something about your son/daughter from someone else.

So, I asked my son who said he made up two Pi songs which the teacher let him sing in front of the class. But when I asked him (nicely, mind you) to sing just one for me, he wouldn't.


Then I had an idea. In the words of Dr. Seuss and my friend, I had an awful idea. A terrible, awful, clever idea . . . one which I learned from my friend, who offered her daughter more time on facebook to get her to clean the kitchen.

I told him about my email . . . but until he sang me his Pi song I wasn't going to reveal which friend sent it, and whose daughter it was, and which two girls from his Math class were talking about him.

So there.

He sang me his Pi song. It was to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger", and it was really funny. What he lacks in size, he more than makes up for with spunk.


Missy said...

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! He must not be shy - I would have never gotten in front of class & sang! But he won over 2 little girls!!!

Tiziana said...

Maria, sei stata geniale...
Mi ricorderò della tua furbizia, però continuo a chiedermi se davvero conosciamo del tutto i nostri figli.
Chissà come davvero sono fuori di casa.

Kim H. said...

I agree with Missy -- you are pretty much a genius -- another Mom's hero, for sure!

And may be you could entice him with a little more fb time if he would agree to a video taping?....

Lisa said...

Oh, wow, Bia! But, gee, now I want to hear him sing it, too!

Ua said...

Yes, Bia has always been very sneaky! Since I'm her little sister (the middle child, sigh), I can attest to her sneakiness! And to try it on her own children?!?! Well, I never. :-)

Amy Jo said...

Don't you just hate that?!? They sing it for everyone in the world except for you! Very shrewd of you! You are a GOOOOD mom...I think that I might need lessons!

Pi song to Eye of the goodness. My son loves to sing that song on Rock Band. Some of the best video footage we have is my 8 year old singing that song at the top of his lungs wearing his Batman cape and one glove.

Blackmail material... :)