An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lost, but not found

My dear nephew, what’s this you say
Something is lost and has gone away?
The very idea fills me with dismay
But I will help you find it, so everything is okay.

Yes, your brave and smart Auntie is here
And I will never ever give up, my dear.
I will search and search both far and near
Leave it to me, there is nothing to fear.

Let's see, you lost it somewhere . . .
Now let's think about this with care.
Let's stay calm and be very, very aware
for, really, it's definitely somewhere out there.

It could be up a tree or a under a rock,
behind the shed, or around the block.
Somehow it may even be in Bangkok . . .
or right here hidden in your left sock.

But, I will keep looking, I will not be still
I am your Auntie and won’t even send you a bill.
I'll drive to D.C. or fly to Nashville
Why, I'll even dig in a nasty dunghill.

Wait a minute. What's this I hear
From your mother and my sister dear?
"Oh Bia you're running in circles I fear
And there's one little thing I must make very clear.

"The thing that you're looking so diligently for
really isn't a thing anymore.
It was simply an appendix we couldn't ignore
one that was more that just a little sore.”

Oh. Well then, dear Nephew. No need to bawl.
What the doctor says is so true.
That appendix so teeny and so very small
Why, you don't need that pesky thing at all!

So I am glad everything has turned out so swell,
Let’s celebrate . . . you’re going to be well.
I'll call off the search and bid you farewell.
Hugs, kisses and love from your Auntie the dumbbell!

To Christopher, in memory of his "lost" appendix (4/3/09).


Cheryl Lage said...

Better than a balloon bouquet,
to salute the appendix gone away--
Auntie Bia, so very funny---
Forget about the Easter Bunny! :)

LOVE this Bia...what a gift to the freshly op'ed nephew!

Blessed Easter!

Kim H. said...

Okay STOP -- between you and Cheryl, too much! And what a wonderful auntie you are and I'm glad your nephew is okay. He must be one special boy to merit such a wonderful post. :)

Laura said...

OKAY...YOU KNOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS...ODE TO AN APPENDIX!! You've given Keats a run for his money!

j.a.varela said...

¡Muy pero muy felices Pascuas desde Montevideo!


Lisa said...

This is too perfect! What a great Auntie poet you are! Wishing your nephew a quick recovery ~ and all of you a Blessed Easter, Bia! &:o)

Missy said...

You are too funny! Love it! I wish I were more poetic like you!

E said...

Love it. I wish you were Auntie to my kids. You would make a really wonderful relative

Ua said...

Wow, Bia, you are a true artist! I will share this with Christopher tonight. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it!

Love, Your Sis

Nancy said...

Nice. :)

Soutenus said...

I love how you keep me smiling . . . I only hope it doesn't hurt when your nephew laughs!

Tiziana said...

Cara Maria
sei una meravigliosa zia
ho letto con simpatia
la tua bella poesia.

Un abbraccio.