An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All he wants for Christmas . . .

Yesterday I was talking with two mothers with children in Timothy's class. Mind you, that would be KINDERGARTEN.

So, we were talking about Christmas, and what Santa was bringing.

One mom: Johnny wants an ipod shuffle.

Huh???? My son wouldn't know an ipod shuffle if it bonked him on the head.

The other mom: We're probably getting Betty a know, one of those notebooks for $200. She's really been wanting one.

Huh?!?!?!?! While my son likes to visit and play Diego's African Safari, he does so on the family computer (which, I might add, is in full view for supervisory purposes).

There was a pause as both moms looked at me expectantly.

Me: Uhm, er, my son wants a fire truck.

And that's exactly what he's going to get...the perfect Christmas toy for an innocent little boy.


Tiziana said...

Meravigliosa Maria e meraviglioso Timothy, questo è lo spirito del Natale!!
I bambini sanno divertirsi veramente con poco, con giocattoli semplici, che sappiano sviluppare la loro fantasia.
Ti ricordi come si divertiva con un semplicissimo aereo di carta, con la punta storta e un'ala più grande dell'altra? In quel momento provava le emozioni di un vero pilota e i suoi occhi sprizzavano felicità.
Mi fanno pena quei poveri bambini soffocati dal cosumismo e dall'ambizione dei genitori.
Io mi ricordo ancora il profumo dei mandarini del piatto di Santa Lucia con grande nostalgia.
Scommetto, che il giorno di Natale, il più contento sarà proprio Timothy.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I know! I don't get it at all. My 9-year-old is begging for a 10-dollar Nerf dart gun and a Wii (he discovered Wii at a friend's house). Guess which one he's going to get?

And he knows it.

Kathryn said...

Amen to that! We keep things very simple around here too!
Ipod shuffle???, for a 5 year old! *shakes head*

Lisa said...

Bless you, Bia. I feel the same way about it. That special innocence of childhood lasts such a short time -- and they have to be grown up for so long. It's firetrucks and blocks and matchbox cars here, too.

Kim H. said...

Cherish it and treasure it FOREVER. Fire trucks are the best!

I second Kathryn's comment. And next year, how does one "top" the ipod shuffle?.... I don't think so.


Soutenus said...

Go Bia!


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

My students are nine and ten, and many of them have fancier cell phones and ipods than I do.

I have a daughter in law who buys her fifth grader such things every time a new version comes out. He lost his ipod last year, and she bought him a new one...after joking about it on her blog.

When my son was six, he climbed into Santa's lap and asked for some Hot Wheels and some "surprises." Santa said, "That's all?" And Mac replied, "Santa, I trust you."

Abbey said...

Merry Christmas! Let me introduce myself - I am Abbey from Abbey's Road and I found your blog through Grandma K. I find this post delightful as I have three grands and I've watched the changes in what Santa brings over the years. I am amazed at how intelligent they are in figuring out these gadgets. My daughter is very cautious about what type of games they play and she introduces age-appropriate electronics. For instance, my granddaughter, Hannah, is nearly 11 years old.
She received her iPOD last year. Her first younger brother is 9 and he wants an iPOD this year. Little Riley who is 7 will probably receive more Star Wars items and he has a small hand-held game "thingy" and plays football on it.

The world is changing faster than I can run ....


Michelle said...

these other kids will be asking for the Land Rover SUV when they get to high school! And then complain when they don't get one. Scary what parents give into. You are doing the right thing Maria!