An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, December 13, 2009

These Jeans Are Made for Walking

I have a pair of Gap jeans that I only use for special occasions. They are dark, dark blue, and when paired with black, high heeled shoes they are dressy in a casual, but elegant way.

Very European. Very Town & Country.

This past Saturday night my husband and I were invited to a Christmas party, and casual elegance was the attire of the night. I reached for my black tuxedo-style jacket, pulled out my high heeled black shoes (for one night, I would put beauty before comfort), and then reached for my Gap jeans.

As always, I held my breath as I started to put them pound in the wrong direction and they wouldn't fit.

I also held my breath because that's the only way to zip them up.

Not only did they fit, but they also looked good (my husband's words). AND I was actually having a good hair night. A wonderful life, indeed.

But like Cinderella and her ball, I knew I had to follow a very simple but important rule when wearing these jeans: any function I attend while wearing them has to be a stand up affair involving walking around and mingling.

In other words, these jeans are not made for sitting; if I do...buttons will pop, zippers will unravel, and seams will burst.

Imagine Bruce Banner's clothes when he transforms into the Incredible Hulk.

So I wore my Gap jeans to the party. I walked around and mingled.

And after a couple of people asked if I had lost weight (I LOVE those jeans!), I didn't even mind all that standing.

Sheesh. Who needs to sit, anyway?


Suburban Correspondent said...

Do you remember in Little Women, when Meg and Jo set out for a party? Something is mentioned about hairpins feeling like they were going straight into their heads, but that being the price of elegance. I've got to find that quote! Something like "But, girls, we must be elegant or die!"

GrandmaK said...

Good for you!!! I have special clothes like that too...Wore them this weekend! They make me feel comfortable because they are "old friends" and we've been through a lot together. Merry Christmas! Cathy

Soutenus said...

Great post! I have a rule about my shoes at parties. They are made for STAYING ON. No kicking them off (although I am a barefoot gal at home). I bought them because they look GOOD, make me WAY taller and so they STAY ON! And taken to the next logical point of reasoning . . . . I have to be walking around to be taller! For the whole night I am 5'7 and a half!
I admire you and your jeans that were made for walking!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

I worked at Gap a few years back, just for the discount, and now without it, I'm an Old Navy gal. My skinny jeans are from there.

I only wear them for special occasions (not parties, though), and I haven't washed them yet because they are perfect in color and fit.

However, in them, I can sit...

Tiziana said...

My jeans are made for eating!!!!
Io invece ho un paio di jeans che metto proprio quando vado a mangiare da qualche parte. Belli larghi, comodi, che mi permettono di sedermi e gustare tutti i cibi che voglio senza tirare in cintura.
Insomma, sono una taglia più grande della mia però....quanto gli adoro.
Naturalmente io sono più "vecchietta" e la penso (credo) come Millie.

Bia said...


All my OTHER jeans are like that.

Kathryn said...

I would love those jeans too!
I love an evening where I feel beautiful, who can help that...its worth standing up for!

:o) mg said...

perhaps your jeans could travel?
As in wish that sisterhood of the traveling pants thing were real.

Kim H. said...

I know all of us women can completely relate to this post. I think I need to get me some of those "special" Gap jeans! :)

And yes, sitting is overrated.