An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Reason I Majored in English

When my son comes home from school needing help with this . . .

A cylinder with height 2x is inscribed in a sphere with radius 10.

a) Show that the volume of the cylinder, V, is 2πx(100 – x2).
b) By using calculus, one can show that V is maximum when x = 10√3 divided by 3. Substitute this value for x to find the maximum volume V. max. V = 4000π√3 divided by 9.
c) Use a calculator or computer to evaluate V= 2πx(100-x2) for various values of x between 0 and 10. Show that the maximum volume V occurs when x ≈ 5.77.

…boy am I glad I married my husband.

And what’s really sad is that I couldn’t even type the problem and had to get my son to do it for me…I mean, when was the last time you typed a square root, an exponent, or the symbol for pi? Hmmm?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

I teach fourth, I tutor a first grader and a sixth grader. Eventually, that sixth grader will have to find a new tutor, the math will get too hard.

But I do secretly wonder, if I keep going through it with her, will my skills strengthen? Let's hope...

Laura said...

I am humiliated when my students are in study hall and ask me to help them with their math.
I say, Do you want to pass? Ask someone else.
So sad.
I understand.

GrandmaK said...

I know just how you feel...DH is the math/science wizard, too. I have difficulty getting 2+2 to equal 4! BUT I can check the grammar and spelling...YES!!! Cathy

Abbey said...

Most children will never use such complicated math in their daily lives ... .yea, I feel really stupid around my grandchildren. They are all straight A students! They didn't get it from their momma or me!

Lisa said...

Oh, Bia, this is so me! My 9th grader is in geometry -- and she doesn't even bother to ask me. Goes straight to Dad or calls her girlfriend math-whiz on the phone. ==sigh== But I'm really good at diagramming sentences. For all the good it does me.

Tiziana said...

A me la matematica piace e i vari problemi o esercizi diventano per me una vera sfida. Devo dire però che ultimamente non riesco più a seguire i ragionamenti di Chiara, purtroppo ma per fortuna lei sa arrangiarsi da sola.
La matematica di Chiara quest'anno è molto diversa da quella fatta fino adesso, infatti non deve saper applicare i teoremi, ma capire come si è arrivati al teorema. Non, non è per me, la mia mente non riesce più ad espandersi (EH! Eh!).
Ha letto bene in chiesa Timothy? Mi posso immaginare la sua faccina.

:o) mg said...

great. now I have the hives.
I won't let number one say the word trigonometry around me anymore.... she has to call it twig. LOL

Chiara said...

oggi non è proprio il tuo giorno Maria perchè è stato il "GIORNO DEL PI GRECO"!!!
PI greco = 3,14
oggi è Marzo ( mese 3 ), il 14 ( giorno )... 3-14!!!
( qui è spiegato -> )


Bia said...


Blah, ick, patooey.

Ua said...

Oh, boy, are we gonna be in trouble in about 5 years!!! UNCLE JOE, HELP!!!

Christopher said...

Don't feel bad aunt Maria. I can't do that either. (don't worry about the fact that I'm like 800 years younger than you)

Bia said...

uhm, christopher? you USED to be my favorite nephew . . . before you implied I WAS 800 YEARS OLD.

now excuse my while i go glob my face with anti-wrinkle cream.

your auntie-bia-the-hag