An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A week and a day . . .

This has been a busy month, and the thought of planning our annual St. Joseph Feast Day celebration was beginning to worry me.

Until St. Joseph chose me for the task.


Earlier this month a woman in my Bible Study encouraged us to spend a year with a saint. The idea was to pull a saint's name out of a basket, and then read, study, and allow that saint to work in your life.

The underlying concept behind this project is this: although you physically draw the saint's name, the saint actually chooses you.

We took turns (all fifty of us). St. Catherine, St. Anne, St. Paul, St. Benedict, St. Mark . . . they all chose someone.

And St. Joseph chose me.

He chose me, and that was all the confirmation I needed.

So this past Saturday, exactly a week and a day after his official Feast Day, we held our annual celebration in honor of St. Joseph.

The guests: sixteen adults, eleven children (10 boys and 1 girl . . . I just have to point that out), one infant, and three priests.

The food: peperonata, stuffed shells, grilled Italian sausage, cannellini beans w/ tomatoes, polenta & mushrooms, assorted cheeses, tortellini salad, homemade hummus, cream puffs, Italian cookies, and wine, wine, wine.

The traditions: a three-tiered St. Joseph altar, the lucky fava bean, the children reading the history behind this Italian feast day, the Viva S. Giuseppe toasts, and the sprinkling of breadcrumbs symbolizing the sawdust of St. Joseph, the carpenter.

The Music: traditional Italian.

The entertainment: a retired priest who performs magic tricks.

The party favors: St. Joseph prayer cards displayed in a basket of beans.

It was a wonderful celebration, and I take credit for none of it. You see, that St. Joseph ... he's some party planner, and he simply chose me to host it.

The Silence of Saint Joseph
The silence of Saint Joseph is given a special emphasis. His silence is steeped in contemplation of the mystery of God in an attitude of total availability to divine desires. It is a silence thanks to which Joseph, in unison with Mary, watches over the Word of God, known through the Sacred Scriptures, continuously comparing it with the events of the life of Jesus; a silence woven of constant prayer, a prayer of blessing of the Lord, of the adoration of His holy will and of unreserved entrustment to his providence. It is no exaggeration to think that it was precisely from his "father" Joseph that Jesus learned -- at the human level -- that steadfast interiority which is a presupposition of authentic justice.... Let us allow ourselves to be "filled" with Saint Joseph's silence! In a world that is often too noisy, that encourages neither recollection nor listening to God's voice.
~Pope Benedict XVI
Angelus, December 18, 2005


Laura said...

mmmmmm steal it!
I leave for Spain on Wednesday afterschool.
If I weren't bogged down by crazy chores I would run into DC to have coffee with you.
Next time K?

Tiziana said...

Bisognerebbe veramente ogni tanto trovare il silenzio che porta la pace dell'anima. Bella la fotografia!!

Christopher said...

I was there! it was a great party.

Bia said...

and you, dear christopher, are my favorite nephew (although your brothers are pretty darn cute, too).

but you read my're definitely my favorite:0)

E said...

I needed this Bia. Silence. Less noise. I am trying to be still.
Thank you

Abbey said...

Wishing you and yours a most Blessed and Happy Easter, Bria.

Gracie mille on all you do to spread joyy through your blog.


Lisa said...

Bia -- We love St. Joseph (two sons named for him!) :) and I love the notion of the "silence of St. Joseph"... And, as I'm coming late to this post, I also want to add a wish for much happiness and many blessings on this Easter morning!

Michelle said...

Hey Maria! Sorry we missed it. It sure seems like you all had a great time. Blessings and Happy Easter!