An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, April 26, 2010

Confessions from Hilton Head

My sister and I went for a bike ride in the rain.

TRUE! We rode our bikes in the pouring rain . . . and it was such fun! We also walked on the beach in the drizzle and watched a Bocce Tournament while holding umbrellas. My hair was FRIZZY all weekend long.

My sister rode my husband's bike.

True! And let's just clarify that half my husband's height comes from his long legs, so riding my husband's bike is like riding a horse. Okay, a little exaggeration, but still. My sister's legs are a little longer than mine, which is a good thing because if I had had to ride his bike . . . well, can you say impale?

We did our best to hide from my parents and the Italian American Club.

FALSE. Truth be known, we had dessert with them Friday night, went to see the finals of the Bocce tournament Saturday morning, had lunch with them at a Seafood Festival, and then joined them for dessert again Saturday night. We couldn't help it . . . they are fun (AND they kept feeding us).

My parents and the Italian American Club stayed at the Disney Vacation Villas.

TRUE! Go figure . . . all those seniors, and they stayed at Disney. My sister and I did not stay at the Disney Villas.

We saw a seagull walking around with a peg leg (i.e. no foot).

TRUE! And it was mean and wouldn't share the dead jellyfish with the other seagulls.

We talked way too much and laughed way too much.

FALSE, FALSE, FALSE. Sisters never laugh and talk too much. Ever.

We got plenty of rest.

FALSE. Too much to see, too much to do, too much to talk about . . . really, who had time for sleeping?

We went to church Sunday morning.

TRUE! We are good, Catholic girls; besides, my mom was somewhere on the island and we didn't want to get in trouble.

My father's team won the Bocce Tournament.

TRUE! Yes, yes he did. Twenty-four teams competed, and my father and his partner came in first place. Bravo Dad!


Lisa said...

I love it, Bia! What fun! And YAY for your Dad!

Tiziana said...

Ma siete sicure di essere andate in vacanza? Che ridere..
Bravissimo Dwight, sei il migliore!!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Which man is your dad? (You may have written to i.d. him, but it's early here...and I'm spacey so far today!)

GrandmaK said...

What a grand weekend you had!!!!! Congrats to your dad too. That was no small feat! So glad you had a wonderful time! Cathy

Christopher said...

gosh Maria, sounds like you had a lot of fun! seems like you didn't care about anything else (like your favorite nephew) while you were there!!

Ua said...

I have to tell you: ever since we got back, my hair has been awful and FRIZZY! What's up with that?!? How could it be awesome in HH but awful at home? Arg. Your frizziness is catching. ;-)