An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be nice ... or else (the bathroom incident)

Yesterday's post resulted in my brother, David, the upright and compassionate doctor that he is, turning into a tattle-tale about his wife, Leah, and the "Bathroom Incident."

Here ... in his own words:

Leah’s bathroom story in a nutshell:

1. Leah is in bathroom at restaurant in Italy, tries to flush toilet by pulling the “panic cord.”

2. Toilet doesn’t flush, therefore #1 gets repeated multiple times.

3. Panic bell is ringing like crazy wherever the employees are hanging out, they therefore rush into the bathroom.

4. Leah doesn’t speak Italian.

5. Said employees don’t speak English.

6. Toilet is still not flushed (awkward…)

7. Everybody hugs and eats food.

That pretty much covers it.


GrandmaK said...

awkward, huh? Sounds like a tale that might be told 'bout me! Cathy

Tiziana said...

Mi ricordo benissimo di questo piccolo "incidente", eravamo in uma pizzeria vicino al lago di Garda. Devo dire che Leah è stata molto ironica e spiritosa e ci siamo fatti tutti delle belle risate. Se penso che adesso hanno già tre splendidi bambini..
Ciao David, ciao Leah, spero di rivedervi presto.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

I did that once in a hospital bathroom, but I was 11...

Of course, I just didn't read the labels--they were in English. I do read English.

Last week, I was in a medical building (that I've been to many times before), and I almost pushing the emergency button instead of the elevator call button. I am glad I realized my almost error, or my story would eclipse your s-i-l's and we wouldn't want that!

Now, it's time to rat out your brother!

Laura said...

Ah. The adventures of travel.

mamma said...

I have to come to the defence of Leah, my dear daughter-in-law. When she emerged from the bathroom she did not display any signs of frustration nor perplexity. She exited with dignity and poise, like nothing unusual ever happened. However, as we were leaving the restaurant we couldn't help but notice that all the waiters were smiling with an strange grin....I am sure that they had something to talk about for several days.
Ciao. Mamma