An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, August 9, 2010

Be nice ... or else.

As the only one in my family who blogs, here is what I have to deal with:

-are you going to put that in your blog?
-hey, I am going to tell you something, but don't put it in your blog.
-you're going to blog about this, aren't you?
-I read your blog today ... I'm telling Mom what you wrote.
-is this what you call a blog-worthy moment?
-uh,oh ... she has that look ... she's going to blog.

Oh, they tease me, but the exact thing they tease me about has now become my secret weapon.

As in ...

If you guys don't stop laughing at me I'm going to blog about ...

-the time David put Laura's box turtle in his mouth;
-Laura's bubble on her nose that all the doctors took pictures of;
-Leah's bathroom incident in Italy;
-the time David "ran away" from home;
-Nonno's fire safety demonstration while camping;
-Nonna's interview with channel 6;
-Joe's golf ball trick and resulting black eye;
-Nonno losing his pants while fishing w/ Nicholas;
-the time Peter spit up on Christopher's head;
-Laura's dentist - I mean - dental appointment;
-Laura's doctor appointment ... cough, cough;
-Mom and her flying shoe;
-Patrick driving around, and around, and around, and around, and around the traffic circle in Italy.

See? I have plenty that I could say.

So you'd better be nice to me ... that's all I'm saying.


Tiziana said...

Bravissima, come sempre, mi sono fatta di quelle risate. Alcune cose successe le conosco anch'io e mi sono divertita ricordandole. Però, attenta Maria, che anche loro sapranno delle cose su di te...sconosciute agli altri.
Sto cercando anch'io di ricordarmi qualche cosa di particolare per potermi "vendicare" delle foto del mio matrimonio che hai messo nel tuo blog, eh! eh!
Stupenda la foto del gatto di Alice...rende proprio l'idea.
Maria, il tuo blog è bellissimo, stupendo, meraviglioso e cercherò di essere sempre gentile con te.

GrandmaK said...

I love it!!! Can you hear the laughter! Have a wonderful day!!! Cathy

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

At least your family pays attention to your blog! I'm jealous!

Does Laura have a crush on her dentist?

Ua (Bia's sister) said...

WELL, now the whole blog-o-sphere knows Bia's TRUE nature... she is a meanie! She will surely be made to serve a few extra decades in purgatory for this...

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not my fault that Laura left a chocolate bar sitting right next to the turtle.

Bia said...

Anonymous = David

PAOLA said...

A proposito della tartaruga... ricordo che Millie,dopo aver strillato per un bel pò e dopo essere riuscita a far aprire la bocca a David (il gusto era troppo buono e non voleva!) ha tentato di contare le gambe della tartaruga per controllare se c'erano tutte!!

Anonymous said...

I am not afraid... that is unless you turn off the comment section. Remember there is only one of you and many of us.

Christopher said...

good grief. I can't believe you told all your blog people about the time that Peter spat up on my head! it wasn't my fault that I was protecting him from falling and he grabbed my hair! and everyone else was like lounging. ugh.

Christopher said...

oh yeah. hahaha David!