An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, August 6, 2010

Well, duh . . .

A few weeks ago (or months? summer does something to my sense of time) our blogging Catholic School teacher, Laura, wrote this post about how the purchase of a pair of rubber gloves turned her into a super scrub woman (minus the cape).

And that post got me thinking: why in the heck am I not wearing rubber gloves?

Despite applying lotion to my hands on an almost hourly basis, my hands are always dry. I guess applying lotion and then submerging my hands in water is counterproductive.

Yes, I see that now.

Then I thought about my zia Tiziana who has just lovely hands. While we were in Italy this summer she cooked, washed dishes, cooked, and washed dishes for us incessantly . . . and no dry hands. Why? She wore rubber gloves.

So that's it. BASTA! No more dry hands for me. I bought myself a pair of rubber gloves.

Purple ones.

And I am a new person.

I see what Laura was talking about . . . I am a superwoman wearing these gloves. I no longer leave a cup in the sink "for later" just because I don't want to get my hands wet. No! I slip on my purple rubber gloves and deal with the matter right away (see? they even help with procrastination).

Overnight I have become . . . everyone sing along now . . .

a two-eyed, no horned, standing purple-handed cleaner!

I think the ring adds a certain flair, no?


Tiziana said...

Beh! Maria, come si può da un semplice paio di guanti scrivere un blog così bello e simpatico?
Io, se non portassi i guanti, avrei le mani della strega cattiva di Biancaneve. Fantastica l'idea dell'anello (con il colore abbinato), d'ora in poi ne avrò anch'io uno vicino al secchiaio, che mi aiuterà a lavare i piatti con più classe e soddisfazione e mi farà pensare alla mia carissima nipote che sa trasformare le cose più banali, in cose speciali, facendomi iniziare la giornata con il sorriso sulle labbra.

GrandmaK said...

Yes, indeed...the flyin' purple people eater!!!!! Gorgeous gloves. Maybe my daughter would get more help from her daughter with purple gloves like these!!! Well done! Cathy

Laura said...

It's so true isn't it?
The women of yesteryear totally knew how to do things "wisely."
In fact, putting those bad boys on make me search for! Great, fun post.

PAOLA said...


Therese said...

LOVE the ring! Makes it all better, doesn't it?

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

But I don't want to search for gunk!

Maybe I should buy some for Brad, as he does do all the cleaning!