An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beat the Guesser

Tonight we were all sitting in the family room when our little guy brings down the bathroom scale to play his version of the old carnival game, Beat the Guesser. He had us all guess his weight, and then he stepped on the scale and the closest guesser won a fake pirate doubloon.

The two oldest got caught up in the game. We tried to guess Nicholas' weight and, of course, his brothers gave insulting guesses like 268 pounds.

My husband went, and because he's tall and lean, he's hard to figure out; in fact, he always beats the guesser at the carnival.

We were all laughing.

There was a pause . . . and all eyes turned to me.

Uh oh.


No, no, no.

No way, Jose`.

That scale and I have a rocky relationship and up until this very moment I was having fun. What? Are you kidding me?

Uhm . . . Monopoly anyone?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

My guess, a svelte 125. Please send my prize of Amaretto!

GrandmaK said...

There is no way I will ever guess another's weight!!! I'd be sooo wrong and embarrass not only me but the person whose weight I missed... OH NO!!! Cathy

Tiziana said...

Questo è un gioco per soli uomini!!! Meglio un bel puzzle.. dove tutti se ne stanno zitti ed ognuno entra ed esce dal gioco quando vuole (eh! eh!).

Lisa said...

OK, so I laughed out loud when I saw the scale comeing to you. (gglggl) I'd have demured, as well!

(LOVE that he came up with this game all by himself! What a clever little guy. :)

Do Not Be Anxious said...

Aw, come on. From your picture you look great.

How old is it?

Bia said...


the photo is only two years old, but a scale ... is a scale ... is a scale; in other words, good or bad, a scale is never fun.

Anonymous said...

Il trucco non è il peso ma nell'ipotesi dell'età.