An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, March 11, 2011

7 quick takes: a CSI thumbprint, some alone time, a lost and found pen pal

1. Hello? Anyone out there? It seems as if everyone has given up blogging and/or facebook for Lent, which is making me feel guilty for being here.

2. My husband is going to be away all next week (Monday-Saturday) and the boys are off school starting Wednesday. I am thinking he needs to bring me back a really, really nice present.

3. Because of #2 above, and because my parents have pity on me, they are taking all three boys (ALL THREE BOYS) to their house Thursday to spend the night. That means 24 hours in which I get to be all by myself. What to do? What to do? I am giddy at the thought of all that free time.

4. As a family we don't watch a lot of television, but lately we've been addicted to Pawn Stars. It's no coincidence that the show is featured on the History Channel because, and I know this is hard to believe, we learn a lot of history watching those guys. For example, this week we learned about the rare 1896 currency known as the "educational series" ... bills designed by the U.S. Treasury featuring works of art to educate people who lived in rural areas. Fascinating stuff. Really.

5. Pen pals. Did you ever have one? I had one in the 7th grade - a girl my age from Brazil - but like many pen pals we eventually lost touch ... until this week when she found me via facebook. Wow. How neat is that?

6. These aren't branches in this vase ... it's rosemary, freshly cut from a bush in my parents' backyard ... and it smells simply divine.

7. Ending on an irreverent note: five years ago during Ash Wednesday service an elderly priest placed his thumbprint smack dab in the middle of my forehead. Not a cross, mind you, but a genuine CSI-like thumbprint. Not sure why I'm mentioning it except to say that this story has caused more than a few giggles over the years.

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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

1. You are not alone.
3. I have a song, my house to myself song. After being single for 19 years, now it's rare I'm alone. I like it for about four hours, and then I want the husband back!
4. Pawn Stars IS fascinating. And it offers more History than a lot of shows now on that network.
6. Send me some Rosemary?
7. My ashes never looked like a cross, always a blob...

Diane said...

Oh wow, enjoy your day of solitude. I'm an introvert, so that sounds heavenly to me! And there are still a lot of us out here doing FB and blogging, so don't feel guilty!

MLCH said...

You know I am here, no need to feel guilty. Rosemary is beautiful! Strip off the ends of the rosemary leaves that are in the vase, keep fresh water in it, and watch the roots of your parents' plant grow for you to plant in your yard or in a container.
Sam LOVES Pawn that the one with the family of overweight men who own the shop? I do sit and watch with him sometimes.

Have a beautiful weekend...
see you

tiziana said...

Cara Maria, il tuo blog mi fai sempre divertire o riflettere e ti devo ringraziare perchè mi fai sempre tanta compagnia. Devo dire che io non desidero affatto stare da sola, perchè durante questi anni sono stata solo fin troppo in solitudine. Per fortuna adesso c'è Paola a casa e al mattino facciamo sempre tante belle cose, sento spesso Dami, Irene e Millie e per questo ringrazio la tecnologia.
Buon week-end e divertiti.

Bia said...

ellen: we're addicted, i tell you, to that show:)

diane: glad to know there is life out there:) ... i sound like someone from the x files

ml: done ... growing rosemary roots

tiziana: bacioni, bacioni, bacioni:)

GrandmaK said...

Still here! Just so busy in other areas...Boy, to have 24 hours!!! Wishing you the BEST 24 hours every!!! Cathy

Sarah said...

I love Pawn Stars too. At least, I did until we got rid of cable. I'm hoping I can get them on netflix. :)

That bunch of rosemary looks like it smells delightful.

Also, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I appreciate it so much when experienced mothers offer support. :)

Oh, and to answer the question about my family; My dad's family is all from Napoli. :)

Lisa Novajosky Smith said...

Every time I thought I had a day alone to catch up on painting a room, or organizing stuff, or going through a stack of papers (you know, 20 piles on a table or a bed sorting all of those stacks into 20 'common' stacks) which would be then criss-crossed stacked on top of each other when your husband and children arrived unexpectedly EARLY to surprise you!