An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Revisiting Room 404

Dear Peter,

I met you when you were just two days old. Your Mommy was very sick from a complicated cesarean, and I spent the night in the hopital so I could help take care of you.

There, in Room 404, I held you for the very first time. It is very humbling holding a new life in your arms. Somehow, the world reduces to the overwhelming realization that a brand new person has arrived. Here. On earth.

What could be more beautiful?

It was a promise of new beginnings; and yet, there was also the desperate feeling of wanting to stop time. You were so tiny, and the world was so big, that I just wanted to sit there in the semi- darkness of Room 404 and keep you safe in my arms.

But the world did come in, bringing with it words like developmental delays, autism, early intervention, ABA therapy . . . long words that generated more questions than answers. Words with too many syllables that don't even begin to capture who you are.

But know this, Peter.

You are you.


The baby I ment in Room 404. The little boy I love.

Your Auntie Bia


tiziana said...

Ma nel tuo mondo, Peter, c'è una parola speciale che ti accompagnerà sempre: AMORE. Un amore immenso che ti circonderà sempre, che ti renderà felice, che ti aiuterà in qualsiasi momento, che ti proteggerà e guiderà.
Un amore così grande che riempirà il cuore di tutti noi.
Nel tuo mondo, Peter, ci saranno sempre persone che ti vorranno bene.
Ciao soffice, dolce, ma soprattutto "birichino" angioletto.

La tua zia italiana che ha avuto la fortuna di tenerti in braccio e cullarti durante una meravigliosa vacanza al mare.

GrandmaK said...

Such a tender post! Brings back warm memories for me and mine! Thank you! Cathy

Ua said...

Gosh, Bia, I'm trying to work here, which is hard to do when I get all choked up!

But thanks, Sweet Auntie!

E said...

And he has you and lots of people to love him up which isn the end is all any of us really needs.
So he is blessed as you will be by knowing him.
I wich Bia you were my kid's aunts. We could all use a loving auntie dusting of fairy dust right about now....