An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cursing Nonna

This afternoon we will be meeting my parents for a week-long vacation at Myrtle Beach. The boys are excited; they love vacationing with Nonna and Nonno for a host of reasons, some of which include the fact that Nonno and Nonna always side with them, that Nonno will sometimes break out in a funny song from his childhood about a whisky river and a duck, and that Nonna curses.

That's right ... curses. But it's not what you think.

You see, my Mom, who is always the first one up, will immediately make a cappuccino. She is not quiet about it: cabinet doors are slammed, microwave is whirring, refrigerator is opened and closed, milk frother is humming ... there is a definite process to making a cappuccino, and it is not a quiet one.

The funny thing is that Nonna thinks she is being quiet (and that's funny as in ironic and not funny as in ha, ha ... remember, it's early).

Anyway,fifteen minutes later she then goes outside to sit on the patio or balcony and, holding her steaming cappuccino in both hands, she will say her morning prayers.

Or does she? A few years ago the boys heard her whispering in the early morning, and the cursing legend was born.

The boys think it's terribly funny that the same Nonna who goes to Mass every single day, may actually be muttering curses over her morning cappuccino. What is she really whispering? It's a question they bring up every vacation and, for some reason, when they try and spy on her the whispers get louder and louder.

A singing Nonno and a cursing Nonna ... vacations are never dull.

Nonna & Nonno during our Mad Hatter Dinner - Myrtle Beach 8/09


GrandmaK said...

Love it!!! Children have such wonderful imaginations...or is it their imagination? ;) Cathy

tiziana said...

Maria, hai descritto la Millie in maniera perfetta, è proprio così!!!
Se poi le chiedi:" Ma come fai ad essere così attiva alla mattina?" Lei ti guarda sorpresa e risponde: "Io attiva? Sono tranquillissima!". Quando mi chiama che da voi è mattina (le 6 o anche prima) è sempre con il suo "enorme" cappuccino che tiene con tutte e due le mani, però non so se ha già bisbigliato le sue preghiere.
Anche noi abbiamo avuto la fortuna di andare con i tuoi genitori in macchina a Myrtle Beach e devo dire che Dwight è bravissimo a cantare e tutti noi adoriamo le sue canzoni Western, peccato che Millie NON gli lasci MAI finire una canzone...
Buone vacanze ragazzi, come vi invidiamo!!!
PS: Come ci siamo divertiti quel giorno che abbiamo indossato tutti un cappello diverso.

Ua said...

When I complained to Patrick that we were not there at the beach with you guys, he said, "Remember how early your Mother gets up? Remember how noisy she is in the mornings?" Enough said. :-)