An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Night: Minute to Win It Edition

Since our family has been running in a million different directions lately, Joe and I were determined to have a family night this weekend using our formula of food, faith, and fun. So, last night we ate subs, read some spiritual devotions and discussed them, and then played our version of the NBC game, Minute to Win It, in which contestants have one minute to complete simple tasks. I found game ideas at the NBC web site, and then selected ones based on what I already had around the house.

Not only did this make a fun family night, but I am thinking that next time we could invite a couple of families over for a Minute to Win It family game night. Anyone interested?

Anyway, here are the games we played tonight (the tea bag one caused side-splitting laughter):

1. Back Flip: Place pencil on back of hand, then flip your hand and catch the pencil. Keep adding a pencil until you've caught eight in a row.

2. Puzzle Scramble: Assemble a puzze with one hand behind you back.

3. Marble Pencil: Player must lie on their stomach and roll one marble at a time to knock over a pencil standing on its end.

4. Tigger Bounce: Bounce a pin-pong ball into a small container.

5. Dicey: Hold the handle of a spoon between your teeth. Using one hand, balance and stack six dice in the bowl of the spoon.

6. Go the Distance: One at a time, roll three ping-pong balls into a glass using a tape measure as a ramp. The tape measure must be opened to a distance of four feet.

7. Baby Blockin': Stack 5 wooden blocks on top of a plastic plate balanced on your head.

8. Card Ninja: From a distance, throw five playing cards into a basket. Cards must be thrown one at a time.

9. Horseplay: Without using your hands, blow a ping-pong ball up an incline and into a basket.

10. Iron Board Man: Team members hold opposite ends of an ironing board. Balancing the ends, players must land a marble so that it lands in one of the center holes.

11. Ping-tac-toe: Place nine cups filled with 1/3 cup of water in a grid. Bounce ping-pong balls into the grid for the classic tic-tac-toe game.

12. Sticky situation: Bounce and stick a ping-pong ball onto a slice of bread covered in peanut butter.

13. Tea Party: Attach a tea bags on each side of the bill of a baseball cap. Wearing the hat, player must flip the tea bags up on the bill without using their hands.

I have to do what with these tea bags?

14. What a racquet: Holding a tennis racket in one hand, a player must move a marble across a tennis racket's nylon strings until it lands in the center square.

15. Yank Me: Stack 5 cups and 4 index cards in a tower, then remove cards from top down so that each cup lands on top of the one underneath.

More family night ideas here (St. John Bosco) and here (Eating, and Praying, and Drawing . . . Oh My!).


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

What a GREAT idea! We would have so much fun with these games 'round here. Thanks for the suggestion :)

tiziana said...

Da stasera comincerò gli allenamenti, ma dove trovi le idee?