An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are You Blog Worthy?

So, today a series of family emails were flying back and forth between my sister, her husband, and my brother. My sister started it when she kinda sorta was making fun of her husband ... in a loving way, of course.

By the time I jumped on board at lunchtime the topic had inexplicably switched from my brother-in-law to ... me (btw, when does a librarian, a tax collector, and doctor work? Evidently, never ... but that's another story).

Specifically, they were making fun of the way I laugh.

I have what I like to consider an infectious laugh; they, on the other hand, describe it as the evil laughter, a witch cackle, Bia's annoying laugh, and a few other things that aren't quite as nice.

Today they even went so far as to call me Nelson, and someone -David?- said I even looked like him. Because I didn't know what in the heck they were talking about they enlightened me via email:

But wait ...

THEN (and this is soooo bad) David actually thanked Patrick for deflecting [Bia's] blog from me to you! (his very words). Was that an insult? I mean, don't they realize what an honor it is to be considered blog worthy???

So, today dear Patrick and David, you are going to be soooo blog worthy.

Insert Bia's cackling laughter right here.

1- David likes to eat box turtles. Yum. Yum. AND he likes Sponge Bob ... really, really likes him. It's kinda weird.

2- David's high school prom date wore the SHORTEST dress ... or was it a shirt? My parents were horrified.

3- When Joe and I were first married, we came home one afternoon to find David sitting on our front porch. He was mad at my parents and had decided to run away from home. We drove him back the very same evening.

4- Patrick doesn't throw ANYTHING away. Really. He's also really good in traffic circles and has a cell phone with a rotary dial.

5- I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure Patrick loves duct tape.

6- Patrick (the tax collector) has to oversee a group of women ... women who cry a lot ... women who cannot make a decision on their own. He tells funny stories about these women.

7- And just so we're clear who I am talking about ... photos.

Cue Bia's evil laughter again.

DAVID (my brother)

PATRICK (my brother in law)

Bia's cackling laughter.........

**Today's post was hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary. She is always blog worthy in the best way possible.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Eats box turtles? Please tell me you're talking about the kind that are made from chocolate...

GrandmaK said...

This is by far t he funniest post I read in some time!!! Thank you for the laughter (infectious or otherwise)! Have a grand weekend! Cathy

Ua said...

You are going to be in SO much trouble this weekend. (insert Bia/Nelson laughter)

mamma said...

Please dear daughter have mrcy on my dear David and Patrick and explain the chocolate turtle and the funny hats.
By the way, I want the world to know that David and Patrick (and I should also include your dear husband Joe)are the most wonderful son and sons-in-law in the world!!!!!
Ciao. MOM

tiziana said...

Non so come sia stata la mia risata nel leggere il tuo blog, se da gallina o da qualche altro animale della fattoria, so solo che mi sono divertita tantissimo.
MARIA!! Sei stata tremenda!!!!....e devo dire che hai nelle tue mani un'arma terribile per vendicarti di TUTTI NOI....le foto con i cappelli.
(ti ricordi come ci siamo divertiti quel giorno al mare? E' stato bellissimo).
Un abbraccione e ricordati che io ti voglio bene e che la tua risata ha il suono armonioso di un campanellino di primavera.

Chiara said...

Wait a minute.......... I think Spongebob is the best cartoon EVER!! My favourite!! At school may friends call me "Spongy" because I'm crazy and funny like Spongebob (and my best friend is of course called Patrick). So David, don't worry! I love Spongebob like you!

PS: I have never missed an episode! Every day from 7.50 pm to 8.40 pm! lol!

Anonymous said...

"(btw, when does a librarian, a tax collector, and doctor work? Evidently, never ... but that's another story)."
Hmmmm what an INTERESTING comment...I believe there is a saying, let me see I seem to remember, something about kitchen a pot and one a kettle.

Anonymous said...

ok Once again to clarify (make accurate) a few things:
1) I really don't like the term "tax collector" makes me very nervous during some Sunday readings. I work for the Department of Revenue, and besides it's the service section we're here to help.
2)It was I who thanked Dave for deflecting the blog from me to him since he was the one being mean.
(yes Dave bus meets back) although clearly that didn't work.
3) The original emails and prior discussions about the evil laugh has centered around the fact that my dear wife has apparently been infected by your 'infectous laugh'(like the plague) perhaps on the recent beach trip the exposure was too much.
4) really the best you could think of was duct tape and conservation?? weak
5)and to think all of this came from me not being able to keep up with seven therapists.

Christopher said...

Really good revenge! Love it.