An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lord Farquaad, a Confession, an Angry Bird ... in 7 quick takes

~1~ During a meeting at church to prepare for his first Reconciliation at the end of the month, I had the following conversation with our little guy:

"So, what kind of sins am I supposed to talk about?" he whispers.

"Well," I reply. "You could, for example, tell Father about calling Jonathan an idiot this morning."

He thinks about this a moment.

"Okay, but I think I will just say that I called Jonathan a bad word," he says. "Maybe I shouldn't say idiot."

~2~ In preparing a presentation on St. Francis and La Verna, my oldest son was giving me a crash course on how to use PowerPoint:

"Now, when you want to go to the next slide, just use the space bar," he explains.

"What if I need to go back a slide?" I ask.

"Just hit the 'P' button,'" he replies.

"Why 'P'? That seems odd," I say.

"Uhm, 'P' for previous?" and he looks at me like I'm from Mars.

~3~ A Nice Side Effect:

In my attempts to keep Christmas simple, I actually lost weight over the holidays. A definite first for me.`

~4~ A New Identity:

I recently got a haircut ... six inches gone with the clip of the scissors. When I got home and looked in the mirror I had one thought: Good Lord, I look like Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

~5~ Fixing an oversight:

My husband and I recently realized we have been remiss in the cultural education of our boys: we have never taken them to the Fox Theater in Atlanta to see a Broadway production! Bad, bad Mommy and Daddy. We'll be fixing this oversight in the near future.

~6~ Around a Fire

On New Year's Eve we used out new fire pit area for the first time. I don't know what it is about a fire, but we sat around that fire, bundled in blankets and eating S'mores, laughing and talking for over two hours. Joe also shared a special talent he has: the ability to make the funniest faces using only a flashlight. Make the Angy Birds face, Dad! is our new family motto.

~7~ Apples, and peanut butter, and granola ... Oh, My!

I've had this for lunch several times, and it's absolutely delicious; however, I tweaked the recipe a bit: instead of stacking the apples into a sandwich, I keep the slices flat and eat them with a fork and knife (not so messy this way). I also drizzle a little honey over everything.

Now go visit Jen over at Conversion Diary. In February she will be speaking at an Apologetics Conference in Venice ... Florida, that is.


Kathleen Basi said...

I was going to comment on...something...and then you hit me with the apples, and I said, "WHOA." I think i will be trying this at noon!

Now what was I going to say?....Fox theater, yay...and uh, uh...oh yes, losing weight over the holidays is exponentially yay!

tiziana said...

Non so dire quale dei sette punti mi ha divertito di più....forse il numero quattro???
Grazie, Maria, mi sono proprio divertita, hai proprio una simpatica famiglia.
Mi hai dato una bella idea per il pranzo di oggi, domenica: apples, peanut butter and granola, sono curiosa di vedere la faccia di Luciano. Purtroppo non ho l'arnese per fare i buchi nelle mele, ma mi arrangerò.

Ua said...

Please inform Nicholas that the easiest way to advance slides or go back to previous slides in PPT is to use the forward or back arrow keys! Even dummies (like Bia!) know what forward-facing and backwards-facing arrows mean!
-Aunt Laura, the PPT teacher

Do Not Be Anxious said...

An absolute must to get the kids to appreciate live stage plays. Don't forget!