An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, February 13, 2012

Life Lately: Monday Ramblings

~Yesterday I spent a long time sanding one chair, and then looked up and saw the other five lined up ready and waiting. So I got wise and threw myself at the mercy of my Dad who lovingly outfitted me with an electric, handheld sander with attachments. Ahhh ... a girl and her tools.

I LOVE having Sunday lunch over at my Mom and Dad's. Yesterday it was HOMEMADE tagliatelle (wide noodles) with HOMEMADE sauce, bruschetta, and HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookes. My Mom feeds me and my Dad gives me power tools ... it's a beautiful world.

~Every Monday night I have a "date" with the two older boys to watch Hawaii 5-0. It's on at 10 p.m., which means the big guy (Joe, who has to get up at an ungodly hour) and the little guy (Timothy, who needs his nine hours of sleep) are already in bed. So it's just me, Nicholas, and Jonathan taking in an action packed, car chasing, good guys vs. bad guys show. We now have our own lingo: uh-oh he's a runner ... book him Danno! ... 5-0 headquarters

The whole Whitney Houston thing: sad? Very. Am I surprised? No, not very.

Daria over at Coffee and Canticles held a book give-away last week and, wonder of wonders, I won and was able to select a book from an impressive selection list. I decided on The Pope and the CEO because it's written by a former Swiss Guard and, if you've ever been to Rome, the Swiss Guards are intriguing. The book came last Saturday, I love it, and I'll be posting about it soon.

That's it. Sorry for the rambling, but it's Monday and it's going to be a rambling kind of day. I can tell, so excuse me while I fortify with a cappuccino ...

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tiziana said...

Il lunedì è sempre difficile per tutti, troppe cose da fare.. UH! OH!...buon cappuccino..
PS: dal cucchiaino vedo che hai già assaggiato il tuo cappuccino..MMMM!!