An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, February 17, 2012

Life Lately: A Vacuuming Teen, A Winter Break Surprise, and the Story of William (in 7 quick takes)

~1~ When Papa's grandfather arrived on Ellis Island from Slovakia in the late 1800's, he informed the officials that his name was Valent which, in English, is Valentine. They changed his name to William. The name stuck, and there has been a William in the family every generation since then. Papa is the second William, named after his grandfather.

~2~ If you give a teen a vacuum cleaner ... he will rock.

~3~ I have been aware for some time now that Nicholas is getting tall, but today he was standing next to me and I had to tilt my head up to look at him. Yikes.

~4~ Speaking of growing, guess who grew two inches overnight?

~5~ Five articles in nine days ... I am dain bread. I mean, brain dead.

~6~ War Horse is coming to the dollar theater. Have you seen it?

~7~ The boys have been off this week for a winter break. They don't know this, but this weekend I have plans for them: their closets, drawers, and desks are going to get a deep cleaning. This means going through (and trying on) clothes to see what fit and what doesn't, and going through every single thing they own and donating anything they don't need anymore. Should be fun, right? Right?

Mrs. Berenstain's expression will be my expression. Of that I am sure.

(7 quick takes is being hosted by Betty Beguiles who today talks about beauty and Conan the Barbarian. Check it out!)


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Purge away!

Oh, and I love the dollar theater here, even though it's now a buck-fifty.

:o) mg said...

#5 would be a wonderful recipient from the castoffs of your #3.... just sayin'.
Also, you convinced me that we need a power sander... :D

tiziana said...

Poverini, che terribile weekend!!! Vi penserò. War Horse esce proprio oggi in Italia. Naturalmente Chiara non vede l'ora di andarlo a vedere anche se sa già che piangerà.

Lisa said...

William is always a good name.
:) And -- it is amazing to see not only my little ones grow -- but yours, too!

Jessica Snell said...

Oh golly, I can't look UP at any of my kids yet, but I can just feel it coming. My oldest stands almost to my collarbone now, and wasn't she just a baby a few years ago? Gulp.

Kathleen Basi said...

You still have a dollar theater? :)

5 articles in 9 days???? Ayah! I can't get my brain to focus on ONE...

Daria Sockey said...

War Horse is excellent. Definitely worth the dollar.

Jennifer said...

Haha, I feel for your children this weekend, I can just picture their faces, mainly because I'll be seeing the same expressions on my own children's faces this weekend bookshelves appearing in their room so they're going to be forced into some action in putting order on chaos!! Have a great weekend :-)
Jennifer x