An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, April 13, 2012

Life Lately: Angry Birds, Skeletoes, and a Prayer

~1~ Angry Birds. Evidently it's a craze, but I've never played. Not once. But over Spring Break the boys got an Angry Birds board game, and we spent many evenings building structures and launching an angry Giant Red Bird to knock down some cute little Green Pigs.

It turns out I am pretty good at launching the Giant Red Bird.

It also turns out I am pretty good at knocking over the cute little Green Pigs.

Which was making everyone else quite ... angry.

Go figure.

~2~ Skeletoes. I understand the concept but (and this is just my personal opinion) I think they look ridiculous.

During a recent visit to some outlet stores, I was wandering around a shoe store and picked up a pair to get a closer look.

And I discovered something I never, ever knew.

Skeletoes only have FOUR toe spaces; evidently, the fourth and pinkie toes share a space.

For some reason I found this incredibly funny.

~3~ Jonathan is concerned for my health. This afternoon he came up to me, put his arm around my shoulder, and said I was looking tired and that I probably needed a break.


He was really wanting me to cave in and let my fingers do the dialing for the nearest pizza take-out joint.

But I've got his number ... my son's that is, not Papa John's.

~4~ Today someone asked me if I've lost weight. It's ridiculous how such a simple question can make me insanely happy ... how it can make my day ... heck, how it can even make my entire week.

I was so happy I celebrated by having dessert.

~5~ I don't know why, but somehow this looks like it would be a fun place to have a glass of red wine.

~6~ When we were on vacation I got tired of everyone complaining and/or rolling their eyes when I wanted to take a picture.

So I started taking pictures of trees.

Trees are much more cooperative.

And they pose very nicely.





~7~ Finally (and this should have been #1) pray for us. A week from this Saturday we are hosting at our house a post prom party for the entire junior class.


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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I have lost weight, I've been exercising enough, and the other day I wore "skinny" jeans that were a size smaller than the loose jeans I'd been wearing for at least two years.


"I love those shoes!" Old.

"Cute sweater!" Old.

Le sigh.

Kathleen Basi said...

Awesome takes! And the after-prom party? Whoa. That's guts, there, woman. :)

jen said...

1: I've played the Facebook version after hearing the sound effects referenced in a Tim Hawkins video on YouTube.

6: My mom used to do that with waterfalls.

7: Tiens courage!

tiziana said...

Mi è bastato leggere il tuo ultimo blog per farmi tornare il sorriso e l'allegria. TROPPO BELLO!!! Hai un senso ironico perfetto...
Bellissime le fotografie dei tuoi quattro uomini, si vede che si sono lasciati fotografare con molta gioia e soprattutto non si sono mossi...
Auguri per il party, non so che altre parole usare per farti coraggio.
PS: Pensa la faccia della Chiara se mi vedesse indossare quelle scarpe della!eh!