An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, April 20, 2012

Life Lately: See-through Shirts, the Prom, and Sibling Revenge

~1~ Today is Mass day at our sons' high school, which means a Mass uniform of long pants, long sleeve shirt, and a tie.

One son comes downstairs (I am not telling which son) dressed properly. Pants? check. Belt? check. Unwrinkled shirt? check. Tie? check.

EXCEPT, he has on a Penn State undershirt and you can see all the words right through his dress shirt.

Guess who had to go back upstairs, remove his tie and shirt, and start all over again?

~2~ Yesterday I am sitting in carpool lane, reading quietly, when I notice that students were coming out wearing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.

Guess who forgot it was out of uniform day?

~3~ We're hosting a little thing called an after prom party at our house this Saturday. Our son's friend is in charge of the music, has been compiling a playlist for weeks, and will be setting up his stereo in our rec room.

EXCEPT, they are not calling it a stereo ... it's a sound system.

Should I be worried?

No? Well listen to this: today they are all coming over to set everything up, and they cannot ride together because the speakers will not fit in my son's car.

Can I be worried NOW?

~4~ I know, you're probably thinking one thing: what about the neighbors? Well, yesterday Joe and I went door-to-door to forewarn everyone in our cul-de-sac. Everyone was supportive, and as luck would have it, our immediate neighbors will be out of town.

I am smiling here.

~5~ One more prom thing: I have everything organized. Tables beautifully decorated with tons of candles, twinkling lights everywhere, indoor and outdoor seating areas, a fire in the fireplace and in the fire pit outside, and luminaries lining our driveway.

The only thing we cannot control is the weather ... and right now it's iffy, at best.

~6~ Actually, I lied. Here's another prom thing: last night my brother called Nicholas to get the scoop on the prom. At one point he asked Nicholas, "You know your Mom is totally going to embarrass you, right?"

What? Whatever could he mean?

That does it. Somewhere I have a photo of my brother at his prom ... oh, this is going to be good. Stay tuned.

~7~ For your enjoyment, a 30 second video on what an elderly father does with his ipad. The video is in German, but you'll totally get it. I couldn't stop laughing.
Dear Tizi, click on the link :-))

*now, go visit Jen at Conversion Diary. She is writing from the EWTN studios.


Lisa said...

Can't wait to hear about the prom party! Yay for you guys for hosting it! :0)
(LOVED the video! What a hoot. Love her face!)

Ua said...

All I have to say is: "Poor Nicholas."

And I've watched that video many times and I STILL laugh every time!

Catholic Cookie Jar said...

Good luck with the after prom party! That sounds like so much fun.

deanna said...

I am so impressed that your son was wearing an undershirt. I really think it's only an Italian thing.
I did a before prom dinner a few years back, it made me think about etiquette for days afterward.

Kathleen Basi said...

What a great video!

Yes, I'd be freaking out about the sound system...LOL...but just thinkof the memories you'll have in a few years!

tiziana said...

AH! AH! Troppo bello questo blog!!
Come vorrei essere lì con voi per vedere i preparativi, così il povero Nicholas avrebbe DUE motivi per essere imbarazzato!!
Mi dispiace che la tua vicina di casa sia fuori città, non sa quanta bella musica si perde.
Naturalmente non ho capito il video la prima volta che l'ho visto (penso di essere al livello di quel signore), però dopo, quante risate mi sono fatta.
PS: Vedremo come si comporterà David fra qualche anno quando Ellison avrà il suo primo ballo (eh! eh!).
Ciaooo, voglio sapere tutto!!!

Jennifer said...

Haha, tell your brother nobody should ever get on the wrong side of a blogger have the ultimate revenge tool at your, click, click, I love it!! I'm looking forward to hearing how the party goes, we have a few years left to that stage, our eldest is almost 16 (& mostly girls!!! Eeek)