An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Snakes, Please, for this City Girl

Today there was a snake in our garage.

Now, we had just returned from a field trip to the zoo in which we spent a lot of time in the reptile room where the snakes were unusually active. Cobras, anacondas, and rattlesnakes slithered, climbed, and basically looked at all of us as their next meal.

Stuff of nightmares, really.

And then we come home to a snake.

It lay coiled up in a corner, and there was no way I was going to just leave it there. I mean, have you seen Indiana Jones and those snakes slithering out of the wall? Don't you think a snake would find a warm car engine the perfect place for a nap? Don't you think it could slither out of an air vent while I'm driving?

I once posed those very questions on a previous post, and a majority of the comments agreed that, yes, such a thing was possible.

The boys, of course, were fascinated. They wanted to poke, prod, and force it out. But I had just come from the zoo and was more than a little creeped out.

So I did what any gal would do when her husband is out of town ... I called my Dad.

A few minutes later he came roaring down the driveway in his pickup, my hero.

He took one look, identified it as a king snake, and reassured me that it was harmless.

Okay. Harmless.

But hello? They don't call it a king snake for nothing. King means big, and this was the biggest snake we've ever seen in our yard and/or garage.

My father reached into the back of his truck for a bullwhip long black stick, and poked that thing until it slithered out of the garage, across the driveway, and into the woods. My Dad and Nicholas followed it to make sure it went far enough away.

But I'm not sure. I mean, is far enough away still too close?

I'm a city girl ... this was way too much wildlife in one day.


deanna said...

A cat got into our garage a few weeks ago and freaked me out. The last snake I took care of so well none have ever come back,:)

Anonymous said...

How 'bout mentioning your husband was out of town to save face/macho.


tiziana said...

CHE INCUBO!! Anche da noi ci sono i serpenti, proprio tre giorni fa Silvio ne ha visti tre che gli hanno attraversato la strada.
Devo dire che mi fanno paura anche perchè la mia macchina è sempre fuori in giardino e ho il terrore che venga scambiata per un comodo rifugio.
Spero tanto nel coraggio del mio eroico gattino che ne ha preso uno (molto piccolo), non so dove però.
E se il tuo serpente fosse stato solo il figlio più piccolo del king snake? Dove sono adesso la sua mamma, il suo papà e i suoi fratelli?
CHE INCUBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

You need to come and live in Ireland! St Patrick took care of all the snakes lol!! Though aparently there's no evidence that there were ever snakes here, it's a good story though. Jen