An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Monday, June 4, 2012

Falling off the Love Radar

When Timothy found out his cousin was coming to stay with him this week, he thought summer school would be dismissed.

Uhm ... no.

But before you think I am an ogre, I did tell my sister that school would be somewhat relaxed , but that Timothy would still read and write in his journal every day. No problem! she said; in fact, she wants Thomas to keep a journal, too.

So this morning we sit down, and Thomas just doesn't want to journal. He wants worksheets, too. Timothy looks at him as if he's absolutely crazy.

"What worksheets?" I ask.

"The ones you wrote about on your blog," he replies.

My heart goes pitter-patter. He reads my blog :)))

Well, I couldn't disappoint. School was officially in session, and while in Thomas' eyes I'm a nice auntie, with Timothy ... well, I have fallen off his love radar.

After working for a while they picked their journal topics out of the basket. Thomas' topic (Describe your favorite stuffed animal and explain why it's your favorite) was perfect because Thomas is the King of Stuffed Animals; Timothy's topic was worrisome: Describe you Mom and Dad.

Oh, dear.

In Timothy's words: They are nice. They play a bunch of games with me. Mom and Dad like playing Pokemon with me. Dad is the oldest, Mom is younger. Mom has brown hair. Dad has short hair. My Dad is funny because he makes an Angry Birds face. My Mom makes good couscous.

Whew. I'm not sure, but I think couscous just may have saved me.

I'm not a complete ogre, after all.


Anonymous said...

How on earth did he learn to spell it?? I think that alone should gvet him a day off.
As for the other one clearly HE takes after his MOTHER.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

We just wrapped up a huge research project at school, and some of the kids thought it was fun, and the others thought those kids were crazy and the teacher is a nasty grouch with too high expectations.

Guess I should have made them "koos koos." I can't spell it!

tiziana said...

Una mamma a cui piace giocare così tanto a Pokemon non può essere un'orchessa.
Una mamma che prepara un buon couscous è ricordata per sempre.
Vedi come è facile essere una brava mamma?
Un bacino a Timothy e Thomas.

ua said...

Way to go, Thomas!! And you are lucky; that journal entry of Timothy's could have been much worse!