An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ode to a Cousin

Nicholas and Jonathan were born 22 months apart, and have always been the best of friends.

But then came Timothy. In the beginning they were smitten and thought that everything he did -- pooping, drooling, crawling -- was cute and adorable.

But not anymore. They soon discovered that Timothy had a mind (and a voice) of his own and, especially now that they're in high school, he annoys them all too easily. Oh, they still love him, and they will often drive him to Target to buy him Pokemon cards, or wrestle with him in the family room, or play basketball together in the driveway; they really do still pay attention to him but, according to Timothy, it's not enough.

They won't play with me!

They said they would play with me but changed their minds!

They didn't play with me long enough!

They haven't played with me all day!

Oh, the drama.

Then this past weekend I had the idea to invite his cousin, Thomas, to come spend the next five days with us. It's a win-win situation because Thomas' older brother is in New York City all next week, so now the two cousins can console each other on having older brothers who ignore them.

It's been three hours since we picked up Thomas, and the two of them are already worried that five days isn't going to be long enough.

I wish we lived closer.

I wish you lived in my neighborhood.

I wish you lived right next door.

Gosh, who needs brothers when you have a cousin?

Timothy's First Communion

Hilton Head, August 2011
Hilton Head, Thanksgiving 2011
Nonna and Nonno bought the boys these turkey hats,
and they wore them everywhere. Oh, the attention they received!


tiziana said...

A volte la lontananza fa aprezzare meglio l'amicizia.
Forse non vedersi ogni giorno fa capire quanto si stà bene insieme.
Sono sicura che Timothy e Thomas saranno dei cugini fantastici e quando saranno grandi rideranno nel rivedere la foto dove hanno il cappello di tacchino in testa e ricorderanno con piacere tutti i bei momenti passati insieme.

Ua said...

What cute pictures of those two cute boys!! Of course, I am partial to both of them. I hope you survive!! 5 days of nothing but Pokemon... yikes.