An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

La Nonna Moderna ... in her own words

So, in Monday's post I poked fun at my mom, the "modern" Nonna.  She immediately wrote a long comment, but accidentally deleted it when she tried to submit it.

So then she emailed me her response and wanted me to post it in the comment section.

But I thought it deserved its own post. So here's my Mom, la Nonna Moderna, in her own words ...

Ma-va-la'!!! Modern nonna....How can anyone accuse me of becoming a modern nonna? Have you all forgotten the struggle and confusion that I face when I am confronted with all of these modern gadgets ? I thought that the purpose of modern tecnology was to make life easier, not a nightmare!!!!

Take the cell phone for example. My old one was so easy to use: when it rang I just lifted the top and begin to speak. That's it. Basta. Now I have a new one. I liked it from the beginning because it has a modern, pretty fuscia color and I was promised that I could do sooooo many things with it.

But there is a fingers don't seem to be quick enough or gentle enough to do anything with it. Just trying to make a phone call is a disaster. First I have to push a button on the side of the gadget. Then I am ordered to slide the finger up the surface to unlock it and to find the picture of a green telephone. But the picture of the green telephone slides up too fast and disappears. So I try to slide the finger down searching for the little green phone, but a number of strange icons appear and I don't know what to do. With great frustration I push a couple of buttons (sometimes this helps) but all of a sudden all colors disappear and a strange message in black and white fills the screen with the words "Are you sure you want to do this?" .

Mamma Mia!!!! I need every other Sunday off to concentrate on my new telephone.....
Nonna and Nonno with all nine of their grandchildren
November 2011


tiziana said...

AH! AH! Io ho ancora il mio vecchissimo telefono (scartato da tutti) ma guai a chi me lo tocca!!!!
Di noi tre sorelle solo la Paola è super tecnologica, mentre io e te, viviamo ancora nel mondo sei sogni e delle poesie.
Comunque skype lo sappiamo usare e questo ci basta.
Cara Millie, non sarai una nonna moderna, ma hai nove splendidi nipotini e questo è sicuramete più importante.
PS: anch'io faccio un po' fatica ad inviare la risposta del blog a Maria e mi servono doppi occhiali per decifrare il codice. (sig!)

Ua said...

Poor Nonna! I can just picture her with that phone!! Hilarious! No wonder she NEVER CALLS ME anymore. (hee, hee!)

Do Not Be Anxious said...

Hmm. What a timely post for me. My friends think I have gone off the deep end since I killed Rachael last week. You know Rachael? The one who seems to call every day and say: "Hi! This is Rachael from cardholder services ...." and then tries to imply something is wrong with your credit card.

I finally got so mad I called AT&T and asked how I could block that caller (which constantly changes its number). They said there was no way, so I said I know a way: Cancel my service! The AT&T operator said "But you need a land line in an emergency." And then I ranted back: "If I have an emergency, I'll write a letter to the police department!!" She got the message, and now my phone is blessedly quiet.

(I never got the iphone like your momma; I just got rid of the WHYphone.)