An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, September 7, 2012

Life Lately: Being Stupid, Good Deeds, and Before Kids

~1~ Weird, I know.

When I take notes, I like to use a pencil.
A stubby pencil.
A sharpened, stubby pencil.
A sharpened, stubby pencil with a cap eraser.

~2~ Standing there like two stupids.
One evening during our recent stay at the Marriott Resort, we accompanied the boys to the Game Room. Whoa. Four flat screen televisions, four different gaming systems, swivel seats … our boys were in heaven.
My husband and me? Meh, not so much. But since we were there, and since one station was free, we decided to give it a try. Car racing. How hard could that be?
Well, thirty seconds later we had both crashed headlong into a wall.
Ten minutes later we were still crashed. In the same place. Our engines were revving, our wheels were turning, but we didn’t know how to a) back up and b) turn around. Ten minutes we just stood there, looking at our cars not going anywhere.
Finally, someone ran over, looked over our shoulder, and told us to push the triangle button.
The triangle button. Makes perfect sense.
~3~ Sometimes a good deed hurts.
So, one of my son’s classmates is a Cutco representative and, since he really, really needed to practice his sales pitch, I caved and let him practice on me.
Then I caved and bought one knife which, by the way, cost as much as one semester's tuition for college.
Yesterday I used that knife and just about cut off my finger.
~4~ Senior Portraits.
Yesterday I took Nicholas to have his senior portraits taken. They dressed him in a nice tuxedo, told a funny joke, and got him to smile so that his dimples showed.
All that soft lighting and flash photography made my eyes water.
At least, that’s what I told my son.
~5~ His name is Marve.
At the gym where I work out there is a gentleman named Marve.
Marve is over 80 and is completely bald. He comes dressed for a workout:  sweatband, shorts, white undershirt, and athletic socks pulled up to his knees. A towel is looped around his neck.
Everyone likes Marve. He nods, waves, and says hello to everyone.
He makes me smile.
~6~ Speaking of bald.
Okay, if you’re tired about hearing me complain about my hair, just imagine being me.
I want to put myself in the hands of some talented and imaginative hairdresser who speaks with a French accent and who will study me and my hair and offer a miraculous solution.
Know anyone?
~7~ B.K. (Before Kids)
Yesterday Joe and I were talking about the glorious year Joe participated in an engineer swap with the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
Although Joe worked in Los Alamos, we lived in Santa Fe in a beautiful adobe home with turquoise window frames and doors, kiva fireplaces, and a small, brick courtyard.
We were within walking distance to the Plaza.
I loved that house.

Our old home in Santa Fe, NM

The dining room.
The table used to be turquoise, but everything else is the same.
The Living Room.
There used to be Native American decor (blankets, rug, etc.), but the built-in couch,
the kiva fireplace, and the exposed beams are the same. On a side note, Joe used
to bump his head on that doorway all the time.

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tiziana said...

Mamma mia! Non sono riuscita a risponderti al tuo blog precedente, sei velocissima. Volevo dirti che subito mi si è stretto il cuore leggendo che Nicholas aveva deciso di non venire con voi al mare (avendo Chiara della stessa età), ma poi continuando a leggere il blog ho capito quanto abbiate fatto bene a lasciarlo da solo a casa. E' un ragazzo bravo e responsabile e ormai ha bisogno del suo spazio di libertà. Inoltre fra un anno dovrà arrangiarsi da solo fuori di casa.
Bravo Nicholas hai dimostrato carattere. (non ditelo a Chiara eh! eh!). Stanno proprio crescendo. Ieri Chiara è andata con gli amici a un parco divertimento e per la prima volta non ha mai chiamato per tutto il giorno, pazienza, ci dobbiamo abituare.

Delizioso come sempre il blog del venerdì, ci metto un po' a tradurlo, ma ne vale sempre la pena.
Buon weekend

Ellen aka Ellie said...

The girl who cuts my hair has a Midwestern accent but she's good. My hair is a chore, and I always hate it, but I like what she does to it.

My nineteen year old niece (to lazy to find the hyphen key) went to her last month to have her gorgeous thick hair thinned, and Amy did such a fabulous job.

Get a plane ticket and come on up!

Kathleen Basi said...

The house is gorgeous, no doubt about it! Though it does look too small for kids. A good "b.c." house. :)

#2 & 3 made me smile.

Kayla @ The Alluring World said...

Oh wow, that house is so pretty.
Marve sounds awesome. He sounds just like my favorite type of senior citizen :) My old econ prof was similar. I have no idea how old he was (is), but he still played on the faculty basketball team and surprised everyone, every year! He was the kind of guy you imagine keeps hard candies in his sweater pocket.

jen said...

#7: that looks so pretty!!!

Jenna Walker Cremeans said...

Ahh!! I love your Santa Fe House! I can't stop looking at the pictures. I have a thing for colorful doors, too, so I love the turquoise!

Also, everyone needs a Marve in their life. There is a Marve who often rides his bike in the park where I run. He makes me smile, too.

Do Not Be Anxious said...

#6 --- I never got past the comment about being bald. I wonder how you would look bald; it would end your worries about how your hair looks.