An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, September 14, 2012

Life Lately: Confessions, Costco, and Crying

1- I was shopping in Costco yesterday when I came across the cutest pumpkins/gourds made out of mercury glass. I picked up three of them, thinking that they would look great on the fireplace mantel next to my mercury glass candlesticks.

When I got to the register I remembered: my mantel has been taken over by football helmets.

Probably forever.

I told the cashier I changed my mind.

The to-do list of a family with boys ...

2- Speaking of Costco, here's a confession: sometimes after Mass on Sunday we'll stop at Costco for some appetizers (read: free samples) before hurrying home to have lunch.

3- Which reminds me: when my sister and I were little we'd hurry home every afternoon after school so that we could watch Little House on the Prairie. We saw every single episode, and today I'll come across an episode and know exactly which one it is. Yesterday I happened to flip to the episode about the blind school catching fire (because Albert was smoking a pipe in the basement) and, as a result, Mary's baby and Mrs. Garvey died.

I was bawling.

And boy could Michael Landon cry. He cries, I cry.

Good grief.

4- Speaking of Little House on the Prairie, a confession: my sister and I loved Mrs. Oleson and Nellie ... they were so deliciously bad.

5- Another confession: I had to google Mrs. Oleson. I didn't realize it was spelled that way.

6- And another: we also used to play Little House on the Prairie. My sister was Laura (because her name was Laura ... well, duh!) and I played Mary (because I was older and my name is Maria ... again, duh! ). The living room couch would be our wagon, and we'd be soooo dramatic. Fevers and no doctor, snowstorms and no firewood, bad guys and no sheriff. A veritable soap opera.

7- Finally, in last Friday's Quick Takes I showed some photos of our old house in Santa Fe. As it turns out, my husband has to go to Albuquerque next month and guess - just guess! - who is going with him?


Yes, Joe and I are headed to the Land of Enchantment (official state motto) for four nights and five days. Will I miss the boys? Yes! No! I mean, of course I'll miss them.


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tiziana said...

Nel blog precedente hai pubblicato una tenerissima foto di te con il tuo bambino che mi ha commosso e adesso non sai se sentirai la loro mancanza!!!!

Ua said...

Yup, we sure had some dramatic moments playing Little House... remember when we strung yarn around the room to guide us in the "snowstorm"? I hated it, though, when you made me play Nellie.

Kathleen Basi said...

Ha! Love all the Little House reminisces. You know Melissa Gilbert wrote a memoir, right? It was really interesting.

I don't remember that episode about the baby dying...and I have to say that evokes an incredibly negative visceral reaction in me. :/

deanna said...

Going to Costco later, will look for those gourds:) We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year!

Felicity said...

I loved reading the Little House on the Prairie books when I was little. Might have to find a way to watch those episodes :)

Do Not Be Anxious said...

I missed most of the LHOTP episodes when I was growing up, so I enjoy them now with my mom. My favorite episode is the one where Laura thinks she caused the death of her baby brother, and so she climbs a mountain (to be closer to God) and asks Him to give her pa his son back, and take her instead (because she's "only" a girl).

I think I transcribed almost the entire episode when I saw it a second time; it's probably my longest post.

Jennifer said...

Little House on The Prairie really stands the test of time, I bought a multi-region dvd player a few years ago for no other reason than I could only get seasons 3 onward in region 1. I hated Nellie growing up but watching her and Harriet now they are brilliant...and poor Neils lol