An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, September 21, 2012

Life Lately: What Not to Say to Nonna, a Papal Letter, and Sitemeter Shenanigans ... in 7 quick takes

 ~1~ True Story: Once upon a time the following conversation was heard between Nonna and one of our sons (I won't say who):

Nonna: So, where are you going?
Son: We're going to Family Honor at the school.
Nonna: You're such a good student. What award are you getting?
Son: Uh, Nonna, I don't think you understand . . .

pause, pause, pause, gulp

Son: You see, Family Honor is not about honors ... it's about sexuality.

Nonna was speechless . . . only because she was laughing so hard.

Then she started asking a million questions . . . and my son was the one who was speechless.

There are just some things you don't/can't/shouldn't talk to Nonna about.

~2~ Eating In: How often does your family eat out during the week? We try to keep it to once a week. I know this shocks a lot of people, but here are our reasons: it's healthier to eat at home, it's more economical, and it makes eating out a special occasion.

~3~ Sitemeter Shenanigans:  I have a post that gets several google hits every single day. It's one I wrote about a white water rafting trip we took one summer with our Italian relatives who were visiting. Although we had a guide in our raft, with four Italians in the boat the guide's instructions got lost in the translation and we ended up stuck in a whirlpool and had to be rescued with ropes and pulleys. In the post I included several "vintage" photos of that trip. The next day Wildwater, Ltd. contacted me via email and asked to use my photos to promote a contest they were having to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Here are the links ... make my sitemeter go haywire.

White Water Rafting on the Chattooga River


~4~ Laundry Inspiration: Who says a laundry room has to be drab?

~5~ Some More Craftiness: One rusty garden gate purchased for $5 + postcards from my collection = inspiration wall for our rec room. Postcards can be switched to Christmas cards in December.

~6~ Mr. Potato Head Goes to High School: I made this Mr. Potato Head costume for our oldest son when he was in preschool. It hung down to his ankles so that only his sneakers showed, and with a baseball hat perched on the top of his head he was a very cute Mr. Potato Head.

Because I purposely made it huge, it has been worn many times over the years by both children AND adults. Even my Dad wore it to a Halloween party, and that year I made a matching Mrs. Potato Head for my Mom.

Just this week our son (a senior) had to provide a character costume for the freshman he had been assigned for Freshman Week. So yes, Mr. Potato Head roamed the halls at Aquinas High.

~7~ Papal Letters: As part of my son's Senior Project, he is writing a letter to the Pope. We're not holding our breath, but the Holy See once visited my blog (true story) so anything is possible. I'll let you know if my son receives an answer ...

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Ellen aka Ellie said...

When I used sitemeter on my blog, my "Colts Cake" used to get many hits. Of course, I'm no baker, and it was squeeze frosting ugly, so no one stayed more than, um, one second...

Kathleen Basi said...

The rafting pictures are awesome!

We hardly ever go out to eat. Our grocery bills are pretty astronomical, and I have to think carefully and plan well to make sure I have time to cook, but I'm pretty sure "astronomical" wouldn't cut it as a description if we took 6 ppl out to dinner more often. Besides, how would you ever get anything done in the evening???

Rabbit said...

Your laundry room is super cute! Mine is a closet, so at least I can hide the mess, but it would be fun to maybe paint the walls a more exciting color than WHITE. Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

jen said...

We never go out as a family. I go out once or twice a week to get some me time.

Bia said...
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tiziana said...

Laura! Per fortuna noi non abbiamo partecipato a questo ormai famosissimo Rafting on the Chattooga River (ormai tutti sanno cosa hanno combinato questi italiani imbranati), però devo dire che ogni volta che guardo le foto (le ho attaccate in taverna) mi viene da ridere e ricordo quei bei momenti.
Maria! hai visto come sono nelle foto i tuoi capelli?
Ricci e increspati...come piacciono a te!!!!
(piccola vendetta).
Ciao a tutti!!