An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Surprise Dinner Party

This past Monday was my Dad's 70th birthday, but we're officially not celebrating until next month when the entire family will gather in Myrtle Beach for a Thanksgiving family reunion/birthday celebration.

But really, I couldn't let his actual birthday go by unacknowledged, could I?

The answer is no, I could not.

So, to honor the actual day I decided to host a surprise dinner party for my Dad. Nothing too elaborate, or too big, but something to make his day special. I planned a meal, decorated the rec room, and set the table.


That evening he thought he was coming over for a dinner with just us, but as he was talking with Joe and the boys in the family room I was standing in the driveway bustling in a few of his friends into our rec room. Amazingly (and believe me, with Italians it is amazing) everyone was quiet.

The side door into our rec room.
Was he surprised? Most definitely.

When I announced that dinner was ready and he walked into the rec room ... oh, it was nice. My Dad does this half grin/half smile thing, and he was half grinning and half smiling all evening long.

Between the first and second course we played "The Nonno Game".  A container was passed around the table, and everyone had to pull out a slip of paper and then answer the question or follow the written directions. Some examples included:

What is Nonno's most handsome feature? (from Timothy: his smile)

Who dances better, Dwight/Nonno or Fred Astaire? (from Jonathan: no one dances worse than Nonno, so even though I don't know who Fred Astaire is I'll go with him)

What do you most like about Dwight/Nonno? (from his fishing buddies: his stories!) (this had the rest of us wondering ... have we heard those stories? Somehow, I don't think so.)

What is the funniest story you can tell about Dwight/Nonno? (from Nicholas: the story of when he went fishing with Nonno who, when unhitching the boat, somehow ripped a hole in the seat of his pants. It wasn't a tiny hole; the entire backside of his jeans GAPED. So, in order not to flash the entire lake community, Nonno wrapped a Popeye the Sailor Man towel around his waist.)

And finally there was this one, my favorite:

Tell Nonno to sing the whiskey song. (And he did!)

It was a fun evening. Nonno was surprised, the boys heard all kinds of funny stories, and Nonno got to open his brand new fishing pole sent to him from our Italian relatives.

So, Happy Birthday Dad ... until next month!

Nonno & Nonna


Ua said...

I'm so glad you gave Dad a special evening on his birthday! He deserves it!

tiziana said...

Mi sono proprio commossa...che bella famiglia....che belle foto...che bello tutto!!!
Un abbraccio grande grande a tutti voi.
PS: vedo che gli elmetti di Jonathan sono ancora sul camino, molto bene.