An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, October 5, 2012

Life Lately: Licking Pizza and Olive Trees

~1~ Licking pizza. This week we had homemade pizza. I made the dough, let it rise, rolled it out, and spread the sauce. I went to get the cheese, and when I returned I caught Timothy licking the sauce off the pizza.

Yes, licking.

I would be surprised, but I once caught him licking the foam off the top of my cappuccino.

Who needs a puppy when we have Timothy?

~2~ The sound of studying. Yesterday Nicholas had three friends over for a calculus study session. Just typing the word calculus makes me shiver. So I took pity on them, which basically meant that I fed them. First I brought in a giant Hershey's Symphony Bar and told them to practice their math and divide it equally. Then I brought in a huge bowl of popcorn, and for a while the only sounds I heard were the flipping of pages, the scratching of pencils, and the crunching of popcorn.
And because they were all so studious, and because they will all be leaving for college in less than a year, I invited them all to stay for dinner.
~3~ Crazy Saturday. Really, how could everything happen in one Saturday? School carnival and Italian-American festival ... have to make an appearance at both. SAT for Nicholas in the morning, both boys serving at a wedding in the afternoon, and in the evening Jonathan has a party to go to. My sister is coming into town, and my husband is heading out of town (playing golf in Hilton Head ... I am a great wife).
~4~ Turning 70. My Dad, that is, not me! To celebrate his birthday in grand style, my parents rented a huge beach house in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving week. We'll all be there, and as the unofficial event organizer I have plans: a family talent show, a Mad Hatter dinner, movie night/game night, midnight beach walks, an art show ... any other ideas?
The Mad Hatter Dinner: No hat, no food.
~5~ An anxiety attack. My friend Lisa's son, Dominic, drew this for the Feast of St. Francis. Why is it causing me anxiety? Because it is drawn on a white board. That's like creating a work of art on an etch-a-sketch! So, you see, I am worried ... it's too beautiful to be on a temporary medium! You can visit Lisa and her family here. She was one of my very first blogging buddies.
Dominic's art.
~6~ Halloween Scary. There is the biggest spider web suspended over our front yard. It's hanging by a thread, literally, with one thread hooked to a tree waaay over there, and the other thread stretched waaay over here. It's HUGE. And as beautiful as it is, I shudder to think of the size of spider that built it. I'm thinking it's the Jurassic Park of spiders.

~7~ Adopt a tree. October is Italian-American Heritage Month, so expect some posts in the next few weeks on all things Italian. And in honor of the occasion I just may adopt an olive tree. Really.

 *Now, go visit Jen and Conversion Diary for some more quick takes fun.


Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Ciao Bia,
Thanks for stopping by. You are a busy your blog... I will stop by often...
Ciao for now...

tiziana said...

AH! Che belle le foto di Myrtle Beach (quella di Luciano...mamma mia...che ridere)!!! Quanti bellissimi ricordi.
Quando Chiara invita (raramente) qualche sua amica per uno studio di gruppo a casa, è tutta un'altra cosa, si sentono risate, gridolini, squilli di telefonini, ma soprattutto non vogliono mai niente da mangiare. W I MASCHI!!
Tra enormi serpenti ed enormi ragni, la tua casa è perfetta per Halloween, verranno tutti lì a festeggiare!!
Bravissima per aver adottato un olivo italiano, ti ricordo che noi ne abbiamo circa una novantina e sono tutti orfani e bisognosi di aiuto (eh! eh! scherzo!!!!).
Buon pazzo sabato e un abbraccio speciale a puppy Timothy.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

St. Francis was my grandfather's favorite saint.

E said...

At the end of the holiday you can have everyone write down a few mmeories from the trip. It can sort of be like a Captain's log. We do it after our family vacations and as the years go by and we look back there are always moments that I would have forgotten had someone else not written them down. It becomes a nice little historical record.
You guys are going to have a ball.
Do you play Taboo? It's a big silly game and great for a crowd.
Good Wednesday to you Bia