An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Confession

Uhm, I have a confession to make. It's not terribly earth shattering, but ... well, here it is: my Christmas shopping is done ... finished ... complete.


Now before you get annoyed with me, allow me give you two things I do which help me stay on top of things:

1. Every year my best friend and I plan an all day Christmas shopping trip, usually during the early part of December. This year, because Thanksgiving was so early, we did it the end of November. Sometimes we go to Atlanta or Columbia, and sometimes (like this year) we stay in town. And when I say all day, I mean all day. As soon as the kids leave for school, off we go. The key to our trips is organization: we have lists, coupons, and we map out our day (which, by the way, always includes a lovely lunch). Not only am I able to finish the bulk of my shopping in one fell swoop, but it is so much fun.

And then there's this:

2. Our family has simplified the gift giving. For example, on my side of the family we draw names, with a drawing for the adults and and one for the kids. This way, everyone gets one gift. After several years of complete bedlam, you can't imagine how nice it has been doing it this way; not only does it keep the excess at bay, but it makes shopping for gifts that much easier.

That's it. An all day shopping trip and fewer gifts ... two things that have worked for me to ensure that Christmas doesn't get so crazy.

And as long as I'm confessing, I might a well tell you that everying is already wrapped and hidden away, which means I can now take the time to watch The Polar Express, sit by the fire and write Christmas cards, bake, pull out my guitar and play Christmas carols, go for nighttime car rides to look at Christmas lights, and read Christmas stories out loud.

In other words, I can now enjoy the season instead of running around trying to get ready for it.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

Brad and I don't exchange gifts. Gifts are not exchange amongst my siblings. We will buy only a few small thing for Mac--and since we're buying things for his move back South, there's no stress there.

For the past few years we've had quiet, full of Christ and peace Christmases, and that is our gift.

Merry month to you!

GrandmaK said...

It's a plan...much the same as mine, but I start shopping in July...So far I have remembered where I keep the gifts until time to wrap them...Have a grand weekend! Cathy

tiziana said...

A noi non piace fare gli acquisti di Natale gli ultimi giorni perchè c'è troppa confusione, perciò sono d'accordo con te. A Verona è Santa Lucia che porta i regali ai bambini il 13 dicembre, naturalmente da noi (purtroppo) non ci sono più bambini piccoli, però i dolci non possono mai mancare e poi ci sarà qualche cosa anche sotto l'albero di Natale.
Mi ricordo le bellissime giornate di Natale, quando voi eravate piccole, a casa della nonna. Decine e decine di pacchetti regalo sotto l'albero di Natale e voi sedute per terra (la Laura con un pigiamino rosa) felici in mezzo a tanti giocattoli.
Che bei ricordi!! Quest'anno anche Dami e Irene saranno con noi e questo, sarà per noi, il più bel regalo.
Buon weekend.

Do Not Be Anxious said...

Since I mostly give away books, I'm largely done shopping also, since I placed my order with the Catholic bookstore in early November. Now if you say you also have addressed and mailed all your Christmas cards, THEN I'll be ticked at you.