An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pretty Papers

2013 Family Planner
2013 Work Calendar
green binder: for House Projects/Spring Cleaning/Organization
floral binder: for Menu Planning, etc.
pretty green paper clips

This is what I know: I am a happier, calmer, and much more peaceful person when I am not running around in a frenzy.

Organization is key (planning meals, listing house projects, establishing a workout schedule) in helping me hold it all together.

Keeping things simple (making conscious decisions to be present, finding time for quiet things, knowing when to say no) helps me be more purposeful.

Getting rid of clutter in closets, drawers and cabinets, accessorizing mindfully, and even keeping kitchen countertops clear all help to create a peaceful space.

And to think ... it all begins with some pretty papers.


ML said...

I am still working on my "pile" beside my bed. Robert just laughs and says it will only be replaced with more current stuff@ Oh,well, I press forward. ML

tiziana said...

Che bei quaderni!!! Per me è sempre emozionante quando si comincia a scrivere per la prima volta su un quaderno nuovo, ho delle sensazioni antiche che mi ricordano i primi giorni di scuola...l'odore dei libri nuovi, della cartella di cuoio, delle matite colorate, quando tutti questi oggetti erano ancora preziosi e da tenere con cura.

Lisa said...

:0). I love it! This is me, too, Bia. Just got my set on sale at Office Depot yesterday ~ The ringing in of the new year left me frantic and disorganized and it's taken me this long to wind down and get a grip! But now I can pull everything together! Always feel better when I have something pretty to do the organizing in. Somehow more motivating. :0) Bright pink and green and coral fowers for my 2013!