An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday "Church"

Timothy is busy. He's dragging a stool, rummaging in the drawer for a cloth napkin, lining up kitchen chairs, and looking for a plastic cup. He asks me for a prayer card.

He announces that it is time for church and everyone has to come. Now. He means business.

We sit in chairs before his "altar". He lifts his hands and says please rise. H stops to get mad at his older brother who is a little slow in responding. Vanilla wafers are the host. Water is the wine. He makes us say the Our Father and the Prayer to St. Francis...

He tells us to go in peace.

He calls us back in ten minutes to do it all again.

Original post from 2009, but re-visited today.


Damiano e Irene said...

He is so cute!!
I (Damiano) remember that when I was a child I used to "play" a fake guitar with a friend of mine and sing Mass songs!
I (Irene) remember that during primary school I played with some schoolmates to receive the host (actually it was white chocolate!).
So we can say that Timothy is not the only little priest :-D
... oh ... and Damiano loves "priest's" F-16 t-shirts!
Kisses! D&I

GrandmaK said...

Praying you have priest in the family! This is a treasure! Cathy

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

I had forgotten, we played church all time when we were kids!

Our host was squished up white Wonder bread.

Thanks for the memory.

:o) mg said...

We did squished up white bread too.
LOL how funny.

Tiziana said...

E' proprio un angioletto!!!
Gesù sarà veramente felice di questo.
Un bacino (sui capelli) a Timothy.

Anonymous said...

My dearest Timothy, your nonna is sooooo very proud of you! I just hope that this "love" of church will continue... Last night when I came over to your house I saw the little altar all set up, but all you wanted to do was playing with airplanes with me! Big airplanes, small airplanes, lego airplanes, pictures of airplanes...mamma mia!
Don't worry, I love you just the same. Nonna

Tiziana said...

Luciano mi ha raccontato che quando era giovane aveva un amico un po' strano di nome Giuseppe Campanini che si era costruito un piccolo altare simile a quello della chiesa di S. Nazaro (dove hai fatto la prima comunione) e andava per le case a "dire messa" in latino. Figurati la nonna Maria Vendramini quando è arrivato a casa sua. Ha pensato che sicuramente era un altro amico matto di Luciano (ne aveva più di uno). Comunque, diventato adulto, è diventato per qualche tempo il sacrestano proprio nella chiesa di S.Nazaro. Timothy, o papa o niente.

Suburban Correspondent said...

When David was 2 years old, we noticed him carrying things back and forth between the couch and the coffee table, occasionally pausing to sit down in the armchair. He was draped in a green scarf and my purple yoga belt.

You guessed it - he was impersonating a priest (in ordinary time).

Lisa said...

Sacreligious? No way. Imitation is the highest form of flatter!

Michelle said...

there are many many many priests who used to "play Mass" when little :0)

Kim H. said...

I completely 2nd Lisa's comment! I think there is nothing cuter than playing "Mass" -- when we were kids I got to be the nun that sat in the first pew. :)

Laura said...

There is a kit sold in Catholic Family magazine that has all of the Mass items so that kids can play Mass.
I asked a priest about it to see if it was weird (of course my sisters and I did it with potato chips)and he said no.
He loved it!
Great for vocations.

Wendy said...

Beautiful moment. It IS definitely a blessing that your sons love church.

Whenever I read something about your Timothy it brings me back to my childhood because my baby brother's name is Timothy (and he was also a tender-hearted toe-head).

Soutenus said...

Arch Bishop Cardinal DiNardo's sister, Margaret (did you get all of that?)
told us that her brother, the Cardinal, used to play Mass all the time when he was a kid . . . and make all the kids be parishioners!!

E said...

We used to play Missionary when we were little which was a fun combination of church and travel imagination.
These memories you are all making will hold him in good stead...You too I'll bet.