Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kissy Smiley Faces

Last Friday Jonathan sent me a text from school telling me to look under his pillow for an early birthday surprise. Because he and Nicholas were headed for the University of Georgia for a Model UN conference and wouldn't be back until Sunday, he wanted me to enjoy it over the weekend.

Here's what I found:

I texted him a bunch of kissy smiley faces before I remembered that his very elementary phone is incapable of receiving kissy smiley faces, so I smothered him with the real things when he came home on Sunday.

Boys ... sometimes I want to strangle them. But sometimes ... sometimes they just melt my heart.


tiziana said...

OOOOHHH!!! Queste sono le sorprese che fanno bene al cuore. Sono più belle di regali preziosi, bravo Jonathan!!!
Merita sicuramente anche lui un telefono più moderno!!!!

GrandmaK said...

Happy Birthday!!! What treasures you have for sons!!! Cathy