An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Outfit Stress

Do you get a new Easter outfit every year? I'm asking because I don't; in fact, the whole Easter outfit thing stresses me out. All those light pastels (pink, light blue, yellow), floral prints, lace and ruffles ... so not my style. At all.

But Saturday afternoon I began worrying, so I texted my sister. Everyone knows that a sister is who you go to with any fashion dilemma and, sure enough, she texted back immediately: No black! No Brown! Go out and get a new outfit! Something bright! With colors!

I'm not sure, but with all those exclamation points I think she was yelling at me.

Well, there was no way I was going to the mall Easter weekend, so I scrounged around my closet and found a solid red dress that I wore one time. I needed a sweater, though, and as I was looking around I spied two bags of clothes that I have been meaning to take to Catholic Social Services. Hmm, I remember putting a purple shrug in there and, sure enough, there it was!

So I un-donated it and added it to my outfit.

The only thing was ... well, red + purple and people might think that I was a member of ... you know ...

Yikes. But my dress was more a light pink-red, and my shrug was more lavender than purple so no one would think that. Right? RIGHT? At least that's what I told myself because I was NOT going to the mall.

Anyway, I apologize because I am usually not this shallow. On a loftier note, this year Holy Thursday Mass was a profound and moving experience for me, on Holy Saturday we watched Romero (great movie) with the older boys, and on Sunday we had my parents and my sister and her family over for Easter lunch.

Then there's this. I don't know who liked these cute little bunnies more ... the six grandchildren who opened their eggs to find some spending money for upcoming spring breaks, or the rest of us who smiled at the mental picture of Nonna and Nonno sitting together at the kitchen table, Nonna gluing on the pipe cleaner ears and Nonno drawing the bunny faces. So sweet.

Now it's Sunday evening. The dishes are done. I am jelly-beaned out. And I have a whole year to plan next year's Easter outfit ... or not.


Suburban Correspondent said...

Easter outfits stress me out, also. Luckily, it was so cold up here that people hardly tried to look springy (the grown-ups, that is - the little girls were decked out, regardless of the chilly temps). I got away with my standard black dress slacks and green and black blouse. Whew!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Sigh,I just composed a thorough comment, and there was a glitch in posting.

So, I'll say this, nope to the Easter outfit. I wore jeans (nice ones) with a blazer to each service.

tiziana said...

Bravo Dwight, hai disegnato delle belle faccine!!! I colori della mia Pasqua sono stati blu, azzurro e bianco.