Saturday, March 16, 2013

How do I love thee? Let me count the facebook ways.

So, who changes the toilet paper roll in your family? In my family ... okay, here's the thing. When I notice we need another roll I tell myself, Not now. I don't have time to run all the way to the linen closet which is all the way down the hall; in my mental hierarchy of what's important, replacing the toilet paper roll is pretty much at the bottom of my list.

On the other hand my husband says, We're out of toilet paper. I'm going to walk all the way to the linen closet which is all the way down the hall and get another roll right now.

And sometimes if we're out of toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom, he'll immediately walk all the way upstairs to get another roll. Me? I just wait until the next time I go upstairs.

Which usually means it doesn't get replaced, hence my public apology.

But no worries. I know Joe still loves me because last night the boys helped him set up a facebook account, and for his status he put married. AND I was his very first facebook friend. So you see, toilet paper or no toilet paper, he loves me.
P.S. I know, I know. Why don't we keep extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathrooms? That's not how we roll (ha!); to keep our bathrooms clutter free, I keep a perfectly neat (and stocked) linen closet. I just need to quit procrastinating.


Ellen aka Ellie said...

My husband is Johnny (get it) on the spot with TP. I've never known anyone who does the roll dwindles, he takes it off, puts a new one on, and then places the skimpy roll on top of the new one.

I shall send you a photo when one of ours gets to that point.

Aren't you a lucky girl?

tiziana said...

Luciano raramente va a prendere i rotoli di carta, però quando qualcuno urla dal bagno "Manca la carta!!!!" dalla porta del bagno ne lancia almeno una decina e dice:"Così starete zitte per un po' di tempo"
Che ci voglia lo stesso bene?

Suburban Correspondent said...

Same division of labor here - it's always my husband, with maybe one shocking exception.