An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, March 15, 2013

How the Pope Ruined our Dinner and My Crush on the Swiss Guards (all of them) (in 7 quick takes)

1. I don't know what's wrong with me, but all yesterday I had this uncontrollable urge to go up to people -- complete strangers -- and say "Habemus Papam!", that's how joyful I was. And joy is not meant to be contained so ... HABEMUS PAPAM! everyone.

From Left Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI,
Center New Pope Francis,
Right is Blessed Pope John Paul II.

2. I almost abandoned our little guy at school this past Wednesday. 'Tis true. It was a little after 2 p.m. and white smoke was billowing out the chimney and I was supposed to leave at 2:20 to pick him up and I so did not want to leave because I wanted to see our new pope. I came this close to calling the school and telling them to  toss put him in after school care (something which we have never, ever done). But I didn't.

What I did was had EWTN streaming live on my iPhone, and it's nothing short of miraculous I didn't get into a wreck.

The newly elected Pope decided to take the bus back to Santa Marta with all the cardinals
  instead of riding in the official papal car.

4. Who wants to eat? Between watching the coverage, calling everyone (including my best friend who isn't even Catholic but who kept texting me Viva il Papa!), and crying ...  dinner didn't get done. Chicken sat defrosting in the sink, and the dinner hour was approaching fast. Wendy's saved the day. 
5. Evidently, airplane pilots like soccer matches and the pope. When I was little we were flying back from Italy during the World Cup when the pilot announced on the plane that Italy had won. Then, this past Wednesday my husband was flying back home from Kansas City, and the pilot announced to everyone on board that there was a new pope.
6. The Swiss Guards. When I was a little I had a crush on them ... all of them. They've always intrigued me, and last year I gave a PowerPoint presentation to a women's Bible study on the history of the Swiss Guard. I also spoke about a book I had read, The Pope and CEO, which is the true story of Andreas Widmer and the life lessons he learned while serving as a Swiss Guard under Pope John Paul II. Below is the book trailer.

7. Back to the Pope ... here is minute and a half recap of the conclave and the introduction of our new pope. Dare you not to cry.

Now, go visit our wonderful host, Jen, at Conversion Diary. Tell her I said hello.


Thomas Clark said...

Have you posted your History of the Swiss Guard? I'd love to read it. My wife was asking about their history just the other day.

tiziana said...

Grazie per questo bel blog, Maria,anche noi siamo tutti entusiasti del nuovo papa e sentiamo lo stesso tuo entusiasmo. Quando il papa è stato eletto, ho aperto la porta di casa e ho sentito le campane della valle suonare, è stato molto bello.

Abbey D said...

Visiting you from Jen's...and I'm totally saying "Habemum Papam" all the time to everyone, too. It's fun to say. Besides, it's not like we get to do this every day, right?