An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, April 19, 2013

Baggallini, Stevie Wonder, and dining al fresco ... in 7 quick takes

~1~ It's not an official endorsement, but have you ever owned a baggallini? I've seen them, I've read about them, but I've never owned one ... until recently. Just before our trip to Florida I found one on clearance and decided to give it a try. It was the only purse I brought and it was perfect for traveling, visiting Busch Gardens, and exploring the countries of Epcot.

My orange baggallini has a built in wallet with slots for credit cards, and the assortment of zippered compartments means there is no bulking in any one area. The vinyl material is great ... when I dropped some of my tiramisu gelato on it, all it took was a quick wipe and all was good.

Me and my Bagallini ...

Removable, adjustable crossbody strap
  • Secure, zippered cell phone pocket
  • Three exterior zipper pockets
  • Interior credit card slots and key leash
  • Removable coin purse included
  • Lightweight, water-resistant nylon

  • ~2~ It's time for spring, and knowing my passion for watches my sweet sister-in-law sent me this ad. She is the same sweet sister-in-law who sent me this just last year.

    Watches Pop Up US

    ~3~ Our son will be graduating next month, and I am in the process of planning the bomboniere for his graduation party. Bomboniere are favors, or keepsakes, given to guests as a memento of a special occasion. It's a huge tradition in Italy. Here is the one I assembled for Timothy's first communion last year. I used artwork by Br. Arturo Olivas featuring St. Pascal Baylon, a Spanish shepherd known for his devotion to the Eucharist.

    Anyway, graduation bomboniere ... ideas anyone?

    ~4~ Speaking of my soon-to-be-graduating son, he has a goal to exempt all his senior exams. So far so good, but macroeconomics is borderline. He's this close to an A, so when the teacher offered an opportunity for extra credit ... he took it. The result? A video of him singing about macroeconomics and fiscal policy to the tune of Billy Joel's Piano Man. It's pretty funny, especially since he's wearing sunglasses and looks more like Stevie Wonder than Billy Joel.

    I would post the video, but you know ...

    ~5~ Due to an episode of plantar fasciitis a couple of months ago, I have stopped jogging. I hated giving it up because it was the only way I truly felt as if I were working out, but every time I tried to run the pain came back the next day. Then I came across an article entitled, Brisk Walking Equals Running for Heart Health. It confirmed for me that walking, weight lifting, spin class and yoga will keep me just as healthy. Anyway, link is below.

    ~6~ As you know, we rented our home during the Masters Golf Tournament, and when we returned home we found that our guests had left us 5 bottles of red wine (sealed), a jug of Jose Cuervo margarita mix, and a basket full of limes. The red wine we kept, the margarita mix we gave away, and now I don't know what to do with all those limes. There are a LOT of them.

    So, help me out here, what can I make with all those limes?

    ~7~ The weather forecast this weekend is low seventies, sunny, and no humidity. Here's the inspiration for our weekend plans of dining al fresco.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Grace over at Camp Patton is hosting Quick Takes this week. Head on over and check her out!


    Colleen Duggan said...

    I don't know what you can make with the limes, but I think they look lovely in that bowl!

    Also, love the idea to give small gifts at graduation. Really thoughtful.

    Happy Friday!

    Ellen aka Ellie said...

    Happy weekend!

    tiziana said...

    Mi sarebbe piaciuto moltissimo vedere il video di Nicholas!! Peccato!! Chiara, poverina, ha un altro anno di superiori prima di andare all'universitĂ .
    Una mia amica mi ha regalato tanti limoni e noi li abbiamo adoperati in questa maniera: abbiamo spremuto il succo e l'abbiamo messo nei contenitori per fare il ghiaccio. Quando i cubetti sono diventati duri, li abbiamo messi in un sacchetto di plastica e abbiamo di nuovo riempito i contenitori del ghiaccio. In questo modo avremo del buon succo di limone pronto per mettere nella bottiglia dell'acqua e fare un'ottima e sana limonata.