An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, May 3, 2013

life Lately: Officer Friendly, Capri Adventure, the Varsity ... in 7 quick takes

~1~ Officer Friendly

Yesterday afternoon I was driving when I suddenly realized that cars around me were going very slowly. Yikes. I was in a school zone and didn't even realize it. I immediately slowed down ... but not fast enough. Officer Friendly on a motorbike pulled me over.

He asked if I saw the flashing yellow lights. I said I didn't, but when I realized what was happening I slowed down. He said he saw me slowing down, but after the flashing yellow lights. I smiled and apologized.

He smiled and said he was going to give me a courtesy warning.

He really was Officer Friendly.

~2~ Monumentally unbelievable

This was our little guy's art assignment: draw himself flying over a famous building, monument, or landmark.

This is what I imagined he'd do: draw himself flying over the Roman Forum, St. Peter's Square, the White House, Monticello ... in other words, for a little guy he has visited some incredible places.

This is what he did: drew himself flying over The Varsity.

Huh? All the places he's been to and he chooses a burger joint in Atlanta? Doesn't he remember how we laughed at the ridiculously small hamburgers and the floppy, greasy fries? Doesn't he remember how I got into a battle with a cockroach and how we all agreed the place was just gross?

Evidently not.

Upper left hand corner is Timothy's flyover ...
at least he's flying away from it.

~3~ La Bella Vita

Five nights and six days of cooking classes and a writer's workshops on the island of Capri with Dianne Hales, author of La Bella Lingua. Oh, my.


~4~ May is here.

Need I say more? This is always the craziest month of the year ... crazy, as in busy. And this year we have a graduating senior which, as you can imagine, adds another dimension to the month.

But it's a good one. I just need to be organized. So, today I will plan meals for all our house guests coming for the graduation; plan the graduation dinner/party; order our son's graduation mementos (think bomboniere); decide on area outings we can do with our guests.

Getting things down on paper. It helps.

~5~ Family Dynamics

With our oldest son going off to college in the fall, we are all aware that our family is about to change.  So, as a surprise to the boys -- and as a way to create some fun, family memories --  we are going to take them on a surprise white water rafting trip sometime in June. No warning, just pack your bags for an overnight trip.

The last time I went rafting these memorable photos were taken ... photos that the rafting company discovered on my blog and then wrote to ask permission to use them in an anniversary promo.

~6~ In the Middle

Between our oldest son's upcoming graduation, and our youngest son's wall antics, you might think that we've forgotten about our middle guy. Nope. Mr. Harry Potter took his driving test yesterday and passed with flying colors ("perfect" was how the DMV person described his parallel parking).

Now we have TWO driving teens in the family. Heaven help us.

~7~ Family Night

Tonight we're having family night using our tried and true formula of faith, fun, and food. We've been going in so many directions lately that we need to come back to the center of us.

Have a blessed weekend!

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tiziana said...

Che bello questo blog! Maria, sei veramente una bravissima scrittrice, perchè riesco a vivere e ad immaginare tutto quello che racconti e spesso mi faccio delle belle risate. Timothy è davvero speciale. Sono andata a vedere cos'è "The Varsity"....altro che Roma, Venezia, La Casa Bianca....questo sì è un monumento storico (1928), ha disegnato anche la CNN!!! La cosa che mi piace di più, sono i piedi dell'angioletto Timothy che vola orrizzontale come gli aerei.
ANCORA le foto del rafting? Mi sono persa una vera occasione per diventare famosa!!!!!!UFFA!!!!!! La prossima volta lo farò anch'io.
Congratulazioni ai tuoi ragazzi, anche Chiara fra poco prenderà la patente e cominceranno le ansie.
Buon weekend a tutti voi. CIAO!!
PS: il corso a Capri è aperto anche per gli italiani?

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Way to go HP!