An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tales from the Wall

(Note: To understand the following conversation you need to know that the wall is where students go who have misbehaved in class. Time on the wall is directly proportional to the offense. It is served during recess.)

"Good," said Timothy as he enters the car after school. "The boys aren't here. I need some privacy."

(It always makes me smile when he refers to his brothers as "the boys".)

"Close the windows," he orders.

Whoa. Now I'm starting to get worried.

"Tomorrow about half the class has to be on the wall during recess," he whispers. "That includes me."

(Now, I am thinking two things: 1. We're in a closed car in carpool lane ... whispering ... and it's starting to feel like a James Bond moment; 2. Half the class could be 12 students, or it could just be  my son.)

"We have to be on the wall the whole recess," he is still whispering.

The entire recess? Now I know why he's whispering. This is serious.

When we get home I find a note from his teacher explaining that lately there has been excessive talking by the students, that there have been complaints from the computer and art teachers, and could we (the parents) please talk with our children about proper behavior.

Okay. He was right after all and it does sound like the problem was wide-spread. I talk to him and manage to convince him (and believe me, it took some doing) that just because someone is talking to you doesn't mean you need to respond; in fact, I tell him that from now on this is the official game plan.

Later that night I tuck him into bed.

"Tomorrow is going to be awful," he says. "No recess ... I don't know if I'm going to make it."

I kiss him goodnight. Recess is all of 20 minutes.

I think he'll survive.

No recess for you-know-who.

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tiziana said...

Per me ha ragione Timothy!!!!!!!
Spero che oggi, invece, sia per lui una bellissima giornata.
Ciao "very bad cattivo", a volte le maestre non capiscono proprio niente!!
Bellissima la foto.