An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, July 19, 2013

Life Lately: The Wrong Pirate, Babushkas, and Angry Birds ... in 7 quick takes

~1~ See? This is why you don't go shopping
with all three boys at the same time.

This week I had the bright idea to get all our back-to-school shopping done in one day. Good idea, yes?

No. Bad, bad idea.

So. There I am in the middle of Target with three boys throwing stuff into the shopping cart faster than I could keep up!

No Legos! Do you really need that? Put the candy back. I said no Legos ... they are not on your school supply list!

Then my son -- and this would be the one leaving for college in a few weeks -- holds up a pair of swim trunks and says he needs a new pair. I briefly glance at them; they are trendy, with a large pirate logo pictured on one side, and because he really does need a new pair I let him toss them into the cart.

Later that afternoon he goes to a friend's house to swim. He's wearing his new trunks. As he's walking out the back door I realized that the pirate I assumed was Captain Jack Sparrow was actually Captain Morgan.

Yes, my son is now a walking, talking advertisement for Rum.

~2~ Speaking of liquor ...
My parents did not get the memo about the Russian Vodka. I guess they were having too much fun on their cruise and didn't have time to check their emails. But they did bring us back a beautiful Russian icon, some Kinder chocolate, a magnet of a Matryoshka doll (often mistakenly referred to as a Babushka doll), and a Viking helmet for our little guy.

~3~ Some words are fun to say ...

Babushka, Babushka, Babushka.

~4~ Who knew?

In listening to the stories of their grandparents' adventures through Russia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden, this what our boys found the most interesting: the entire Angry Birds franchise began in Finland.

~5~ One Word Texting

Our middle son has a summer job working at Arby's. Because he just got his license a few months ago he has to text us when he gets to work, and then again when he's leaving. Here is a month's worth of text messages from him:


You get the idea.

~6~ Ask me what time it is.
Actually ... don't. All these needed batteries. And because I kept forgetting, yesterday I wore ALL of them while shopping to remind me to stop at a jeweler.

~7~ Jane Eyre Movie Critic

Jane Eyre is probably my all-time favorite book. Recently I watched two versions: one from Masterpiece Theater, and the 2011 movie.

Masterpiece Theater is the better version, without a doubt.

The clear favorite.

*Now, go visit Jen over at Conversion Diary. She has a great idea to post something every day next week. I may have to join her ...

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Great stories, as always.