An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

An Italian-American living la dolce vita in the Deep South

Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Lately: To Russia, With Love (in 7 quick takes)

~1~ Requesting one bottle of Vodka

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you are in the middle of your cruise enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Sweden, Finland, and Russia. I know you've been in St. Petersburg for the past couple of days and that today you are enjoying a cold drink (literally) at an Ice Bar in Helsinki, Finland.

Speaking of drinking, I started thinking that I would love to have some real Russian Vodka. I don't like the stuff -- I'm more of a wine person -- but I think it would be cool to have vodka from the country that is known for its vodka. And if it came in a nice bottle with a label written in Russian, that would be great.

Oh, in addition to the vodka ... I'm also thinking a Russian icon.

An icon would be nice, too.

~2~ A Cold Kitchen

Dear Mom and Dad,

We came back from vacation yesterday, and because you are out of town there wasn't homemade minestrone or homemade bread waiting for us on our kitchen counter; in fact, as we were unloading the car Timothy asked, "Where's the minestrone?" He was SHOCKED, SHOCKED to find out there wasn't any.
~3~ Something Fishy

Dear Dad,

Timothy wanted me to tell you that during a fishing trip on the Chesapeake Bay he caught four fish AND an eel.

~4~ Your Grandson won't starve while at college

Dear Mom and Dad,

Nicholas wanted me to tell you that he did NOT get assigned the icky, depressing, shoebox-sized freshman dorm pictured below; instead, he and his two friends were assigned a three-person suite at Clemson House{insert Happy Dance}. And Nonna, you'll be happy to know that the dining hall is on the ground floor of that building (as well as a barber shop and a ballroom).

NOT his dorm room (Thank you, God!)

THIS is his dorm room ... private bathroom! (Yahoo!)

Clemson House: Nicholas' home away from home

~5~ The Strong and Silent Type

Dear Mom and Dad,

Jonathan wanted me to tell you ... nothing. You know how talkative he is {insert eye roll}. He did smile, though, and flash his two adorable dimples.

~6~ Unlawful Entry

Dear Mom and Dad,

Joe wants you to know that it's been raining like crazy and he hopes you didn't leave your sprinklers on. He also wonders if you have your house keys because he's going to disable the garage door {insert evil laughter}.

~7~ In a Nutshell

Dear Mom and Dad,
We miss you. We love you.


*Now, go visit Jen at Conversion Diary. This past Monday she sent her book off to Ignatius Press. Congratulations!


Cathy Keller said...

Love this post!!!! You are such a treasure! You made my early morning!!! Cathy

Suburban Correspondent said...

Private bathrooms for college males: good, because they don't have to wade through beer puke; bad, because the communal bathrooms are at least cleaned regularly by a professional.

I believe a good friend of mine is on the same cruise as your parents.

Deanna said...

Okay, this is weird, my parents just came home from their cruise to Russia!